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Hankard, Michael s/o Patrick Hankard and Margaret Stafford emigrated to Cape Breton and married there in 1849, died in 1850.  He may have been related to Michael Hankard b 1798, emigrated 1820 and James Hankard b ca 1818 also emigrated to Cape Breton.

Janet m

Thursday 31st July 2014, 12:27AM

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  • Hi Janet ref your post what do you hope to achieve from your search? regards Frances


    Saturday 2nd August 2014, 04:21PM
  • I sent an earlier long response to you but I don't see it on this forum.  The short answer is: Both Michael Hankards were close associates of my ancestors in Cape Breton (early 1800s).  My 4th G-grandfa John Maloney (b Ireland ca 1738 d. Cape Breton 1807) had a daughter who married a Mr. Hankard in Ireland and some of that family later joined them in CB.  We have been unsuccessful at finding out where John Maloney, James Carlin (husband of another daughter) and Mr. Hankard came from.

    Janet m

    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 09:26PM
  • I live adjacent to Cloyne Co Cork and have the graveyard inscriptions for the Cathedral Cemetery but doesnt have an entry for Patrick Hankard with wife Margaret.  The surname is quiet uncommon but there were a few Hankard families. To enable you to locate records which has baptism/marriage records for Cloyne RC Parish (not sure how far back records go) This is a pay to view site.

    Do you have evidence that the Hankards you are researching originated in Cloyne Co Cork?


    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 10:18PM
  • Yes, the younger Michael Hankard (I do not know how they were related but they must have been) : Sacred Heart RC church records

    marriage for Michael Hankard 20 Nov 1849 to Margaret McDonald Blake.  Michael Hankard of Cloyne, County Cork, Ireland was the son of Patrick Hankard and Margaret Stafford, Margaret was the daughter of Dennis McDonald and Catherine McCormak, and widow of Alan Blake.  Witnesses were James Hankard, Mary Ann Hankard [children of the older Michael Hankard].

    I am so hoping this is the breakthrough. We have been searching for where this family came for almost 100 years.

    Janet m

    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 10:29PM
  • Do you have approx dob for Michael sho married 1849 also approx year of emigration?


    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 10:40PM
  • nothing further at this time.  His widow married again and had children so my guess would be that he was in his 20s when he married and died.

    Janet m

    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 11:37PM
  • The following baptisms in Parish of AGHADA CO CORK (adjacent to Cloyne)

    James 1802 - Margaret 1800 - Michael 1804 - Mary 1806 - Mary 1816 - Patrick 1832 -  BAPTISMS

    Marriages: Patrick 1800 AGHADA - Patrick Cloyne 1853.

    No guarantee any of these relate to your search you would have to purchase credits on Rootsireland site to view any of above.


    Sunday 3rd August 2014, 11:46PM
  • Hello Janet

    Unfortunately don't have anything to add to your branch.  However, I have Hankard's in my family too.  I was about to post up a wee message on the boards too when I saw yours.  From the information I have, my 3x great grandmother, Bridget Hankard, ended up in Wales.  Her father was John Hankard and I believe they were from Cloyne too.

    I don't know if you've done a DNA test yet, but would be happy to share my GEDMatch number and the scraps of information I have on my Hankard's to see if, perhaps, we are distant cousins :)

    Kindest regards


    Áine Ní Tómas

    Wednesday 18th October 2017, 12:12PM