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Maurice Hickey of "Union" and Mary Biride married in Cloyne RC. Witnesses were Daniel Hickey and Edmond Walsh.


Maurice Hickey and Mary Barret had seven children baptized in the neighboring parish of Aghada 1810-1825, with the address given variously as Clonbeg or Whitegate.

One of these children (William, baptized Feb. 8, 1819)  appears in the 1851 and subsequent censuses in the Alnmouth, Cowpen, Northumberland Co., England censuses with wife Bridget Scalan/Scanlan b. Kilrush about 1823, a five year old daughter Mary b. Ireland, and the next child b. Alnmouth area Feb 1851. A number of other children were born to this couple in England. I suspect the child Mary might have been from a previous marriage. 

I am trying to ascertain if this William is a brother of James Hickey of Cork, who had boats on the Shannon with a brother William before emigrating to the U.S. shortly after the birth of his first child, Mary (b. Galway 1846/1848). James's wife Hannah Tuohy was from the townland of Rossmore on the shores of Lough Derg in Galway. 

In 1866, James and Hannah Hickey's daughter Mary paid for the passage of William's daughter Mary to come to the U.S. Mary married and settled in another area of the state (Iowa); her descendants see to have lost any knowledge of her relations and only know that she was born in Ireland 1847/1848.

Aside from William, my family reports that there was anothe sibling of James, a sister Honora. This was recalled by James' youngest daughter Nora. I suspect she remembered that because she had been told was named after her aunt.

I could not find children James or Honora among the children of Maurice and Mary born in Cork, but it is possible that there are transcription errors and / or the baptisms were recorded elsewhere. James' age was reported in the U.S. In such a way (1805-1820) that he could have been born in 1809 and thus the first child of this couple before they settled in the Whitegate area. 

Can anyone tell me what "Union" might refer to? Is it reasonable for me to conclude that "Biride" is a mistranscriptions of Barret?


thanks for any suggestions.




Julie in Ohio

Thursday 7th August 2014, 03:54PM

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  • Apologies for not proof reading the subject line of my previous message!

    I forgot to mention that in England William Hickey had occupations listed as boatman, Coast Guard, Coast Guard civil service, and finally Navy pensioner/navy man or simply pensioner. This seems consistent with my family story that James had boats on the Shannon with his brother William. They seem to have married and emigrated at about the same time, in each case after the birth of an eldest daughter 1846/1848.

    Julie in Ohio

    Thursday 7th August 2014, 04:01PM
  • Hi Julie I suspect the surname is BRIDE. 1901 census under County Cork DED CORKBEG you will find several families of the Bride surname. a pay to view site has baptism/marriage records for North East Cork which includes the Parishes of Cloyne & Aghada. Regards Frances


    Friday 8th August 2014, 04:29PM
  • Thank you, Frances. Bride seems much more likely than Barret(t) given the surnames in the area in 1901. However, I think a transcriber must have interpreted a scrawled "Barret" for "Bride," and perhaps a second transcriber typed "Biride" from a handwritten transcription. Here's my reasoning:

    I found no children of Hickey and Bride in NE Cork in the relevant decades. I found only one other marriage of a Maurice Hickey (to a Margaef Murry) in a wide range, and both the marriage and baptism of son William were too late to be possible for my William born "White Gate, Cork" 1819-1820.

    On the other hand. I found seven children of Maurice Hickey and Mary Barret of Corkbeg /Whitegate baptized 1810-1825, including a son William baptized 9 Feb 1819. 

    That's the good news. The bad news is that among the seven children I did not find a James or Honora. So I am not sure if this family is related to me or not!

    On the other hand, I seem to have found the parents and siblings of the William Hickey of the Coast Guard in Alnmouth, Northumberland, which is information his descendants with public trees do not have, and I will be happy to share this news with them. I will let them send away for a copy of the actual marriage record if they wish.

    Thank you again. Any ideas about whether it is likely that this couple could have had children James and Honora whose baptisms might be hiding under some other transcription error or perhaps took place elsewhere than NE Cork?

    Julie in Ohio

    Friday 8th August 2014, 10:35PM
  • has Tithe Applotment records 1833 for Maurice Hickey in Townland of Ballynacarrig Parish AGHADE Cork


    Friday 8th August 2014, 11:04PM
  • Grave No CO-CBEG-191 has a gravestone for John Hickey D. 21/11/1830 age 50 erected by his wife Hanora - maybe parents of Maurice Hickey. Frances


    Friday 8th August 2014, 11:13PM
  • Thank you, Frances for both of these.

    If Maurice was married in 1808 he probably was born no later than 1787 or so, but John age 50 in 1830 could certainly have been a brother. William's first son was named John. The location of his burial certainly seems promising. I wonder if his widow appears in the tithe applotments three years later.

    The Maurice you found in the 1833 tithe applotments is intriguing.  It seems to be the right parish, but if I have the right townland it is further from the Whitegate / Corkbeg area where Maurice was living 1810-1825 (baptismal certificates of his children). The other Maurice Hickey I found in the marriages married Margaret Murry in Youhgal in 1818 so might also have owed tithes in 1933.

    i have a sneaking suspicion that Maurice might have been a boatman or mariner. Would a person in such a profession owe tithes?

    Thanks for helping me think through this, and finding these leads!



    Julie in Ohio

    Friday 8th August 2014, 11:37PM
  • Best of luck with your research Julie. Let us know if you learn anything new!

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Wednesday 13th August 2014, 11:39AM