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I'm trying to trace the ancestry of Maurice Hennessy. He was born in Cork County, according to my grand-aunt, in Cloyne. His father & he were cattle dealers. He married Mary, who was born in England. Their first child, Joseph, was born in Cork also, in 1824. Maurice went on to own The Black Horse Inn in Bristol, while his son carried on the cattle dealing business. 

I am trying to confirm any of Maurice's details. I have been through the birth & marriage records in The National Archives in Dublin & cannot find any for him or Joseph. Luckily, the records haven't been destroyed, but Maurice's record isn't there. There is 1 record for a Joseph Hennessy, born in Cloyne, co. cork, in 1824, to a Mary, but his father is recorded as being John. Which makes me think that Maurice was officially John, but called Maurice in everyday life. 

If anyone can help me with any Hennessys in or around Cloyne, in the 1700s, I'd really appreciate it.




Wednesday 10th October 2012, 10:42PM

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  • Hi Crea,

    You might try contacting the Cork County archives for further assistance.


    Some other links that might be of use to you are:

     Some services available which may charge a fee are:


    Cork City Ancestral Project,
    c/o County Library,
    Farranlea Road,
    Cork City.
    Tel: +353 (0)21 4346435


    Mallow Heritage Centre,
    27-28 Bank Place,
    County Cork.
    Tel: +353 (0)22 50302
    Fax: +353 (0)22 20276


    All the best.





    Thursday 18th October 2012, 11:31AM
  • Hello Crea


    I have been researching the Hennessy family from here in the states.  I noticed your posting and have discovered some information that may help you on the 1871 England Census.  You can possibly backtrack from this information. The source is:  Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 2573; Folio: 60; Page: 12; GSU roll: 835271lp


    John and his brother Maurice are very close in age, possibly this will help you.


    It lists Joseph Hennessy as being born 'around 1824.'  Spouse's name is Mary, born in Cork.  His occupation is listed as a cattle farmer.  Civil parish:  Filton.  Ecclesiastical Parish:  Bristol.  Town:  Filton.  County:  Gloucesteshire.  Sub-registration District:  Stapleton.


    The household members and ages are listed as follows on the census:


    Joseph Hennessy               Age 46

    Mary                                        Age 46

    Maurice                                  Age 20

    John                                       Age 19

    Annie                                     Age 17

    Abigail                                   Age 16

    Margaret                               Age 7

    Walter                                    Age 5


    Also listed in the household, but not the surname of Hennessy (could possibly be relatives or servants):

    Clara Hicks age 28

    Anne George age 25

    Harriet Lyddist age 27               


    Hopefully this will assist you.  Good luck on your search.


    Best regards


    Hillsboro Beach, Florida


    Saturday 3rd November 2012, 03:15PM
  • Hi Lee,

    Thank you so much for that; you're very kind, but unfortunately it doesn't help me. I'm researching Joseph's father (John & Maurice's grandfather), Maurice. He emigrated from cork to Bristol Around 1820. I've found loads of information on him (in the uk censii, newspaper archives, etc) & his family from  the time of his emigration, but I'm trying to get information on his Irish family over here, in Ireland, as he doesn't seem to have existed, going by the lack of information in the archives here, before then. I've concluded that he changed his name from John to Maurice, but I've yet to prove it. That's why I've resorted to posting in forums like this one.

    Do you mind me asking what research you're undertaking? Is there anything I can help you with?



    PS, the other names listed in the census are servants. Almost everyone, above the working class, had servants-lucky them!


    Saturday 3rd November 2012, 06:49PM
  • I will share your query with the Cloyne Literary and Historical Society and the Cork Genealogical Society

    Cloyne Cork

    Saturday 24th November 2012, 04:07PM
  • There are four Hennessy families recorded in Cloyne (Kilmahon Parish) in the tithe applotment books, 1820s; in The town lands of Shanagarry South and Ballinamona. See the title applotment books online in the National Archives website.


    Kevin Terry, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 24th November 2012, 09:42PM
  • Kevin, thanks so much for the Hennessy information.  I'll have a look right away.

    Best regards from Hillsboro Beach Florida


    Lee Craine


    Sunday 25th November 2012, 05:31PM
  • Hi Cloyne Cork,


    That'd be brilliant, thanks:-(



    Tuesday 27th November 2012, 09:37PM