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James C. Talbot married Ellen Cotter in Cloyne District in 1867. They were blessed with several children: Mary, John J., James C., Elizabeth, Bridget, Edward, William, Katherine, Thomas, and Nellie.  I have some data on these children.  

Almost all moved to Wakefield, MA, USA and lived out their lives there.

Are you related to these folks?


Tuesday 19th March 2013, 07:37AM

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  • Greetings from cool Wisconsin,

    James C. Talbot and Ellen Cotter were my Father's maternal grandparents;  they came to Wakefield, MA and lived there until their deaths. They immigrated in 1901. For all of their children except one I have a bit or lots of information (especially if the came to the US.)  The first child, Mary, I have her DOB of1866 and the fact that she married a Michael Murphy; need more data about one of her children, David, who was said to have moved back to Ireland with his Mother. Bridget Agnes Talbot married William F. Sheehan in 1904 and they were  my Father's parents.

    I have another sib named Edmund, DOB 1875.  That brings my total to 11.  In two of the Federal Census surveys (1910-1920) Ellen says "out of 12 children born, 8 still are alive.  When I account for the known deceased sibs,  I am missing # 12.  I have no death date for Edmund (his DOB date came from the parish records in Ladysbridge, Ireland.


    I would be pleased to share my data with you at:


    John Sheehan

    Madison, WI



    Saturday 4th May 2013, 08:29PM
  • Dear commenter,


    I tried to send you a comment earlier today; however, I got lost when trying to find the "send" command.  I do not know if it got through.

    This try will be brief.

    I am related to all the Talbots you mention in your response to my original posting.  James C. Talbot and Ellen Cotter are my Father's maternal grandparents; Bridget Agnes Talbot is my grandmother (my father's mother).  She married my grandfather William F. Sheehan in 1904.

    I would like to exchange data electronically with you regarding the Talbots and the related Murphys and the related Sheehans (if you have such data).




    Sunday 5th May 2013, 06:49AM