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My Great Grandfather, Patrick Lyons was baptized on July 30, 1848 in Enniskean.  Parents Timothy Lyons and Mary Hickey, Sponsors/Witnesses William Tanner and Mary Leary.  Source:  Catholic registers NLI Microfilm 04798/03 Page 62.  One of my uncles did some research and foune a Marriage listing for Tim Lehane and Mary Hickey in 1934 in Enniskean and decided that Timothy, who was baptised at St. Finbar's South Parish Cork City, changed the name to Lehane when he married a Mary Hickey in Enniskean in 1834.  Since there were both several Lehanes and Lyons in Enniskean at that time, I don't see him changing the name.  Especially since he's using the name Lyons here at Patrick's Baptism in 1848.  I'm athinking that they were living in another parish up to this point.  Would love any information anyone might be able to contribute.  




Steve Lyons


Friday 3rd March 2017, 04:13PM

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  • Dear Steve:


    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome!

    I have found the baptism record that you refer to. 

    There does not appear to be a marriage record but I do note the marriage record for Timothy Lehane and Mary Hickey in Enniskeane as well as a number of children born to them.  Do any of the names born to this couple sound familiar?

    Do you know if Patrick Lyons had siblings? 

    It is quite possible that Timothy Lyons & Mary Hickey Lyons were living elsewhere before they moved to Enniskean/Desertserges.  It would have been the tradition that the marriage would have taken place in Mary Hickey's parish. 

    If you have any further information that might assist with trying to confirm whether Timothy Lyons and Timothy Lehane were one and the same person, please contact me and I will look at it for you.

    The best of luck with your research.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 13th March 2017, 08:53PM