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I'm looking for the origins in Cork of my great grandfather William Francis Devine. He was born Feb 1842 in County Cork. His parents were Daniel Devine and mother Ellen Leary. William came to Boston, Massachusetts around 1860 with his two brothers, Cornelius (b. 1838, C Cork) and Dennis (b. 1835 C Cork). William and Cornelius were slaters / roofers, Dennis was a baker. The brothers settled in Boston – Somerville and remained there all their lives, raised families and were all buried in the same cemetery in Brookline MA.

George A. Devine, b. 1903 Cambridge, MA, a grandson of Cornelius, became a prominent wool merchant in Boston, traveled to Ireland frequently.

Roger McDonnell from general message board was helpful in finding the following lead:

“The 1829 Tithe Applotment listings show a Daniel Devine in Cashelbeg townland in Desertserges civil parish.

Daniel had a child in 1835 according to your notes. The issue would be was he old enough and in a position to be leasing land in 1829.”

Would be great to find that this was Daniel's parish!


Paul Devine

Woburn, MA USA



Tuesday 24th June 2014, 09:38PM

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  • Dear Paul

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    There is a Daniel Devine listed in the Griffith?s Valuation (1847-1864), without supporting evidence though, it would be difficult to know if this is your Daniel:

    Have you already had a look at (a free site) and (a subscription site) for any record of the baptisms or marriage? You could also try searching for any mention of your ancestor?s name in member family trees or messages as another avenue if there are no other records available. Ancestry is also hosting ?webinars? on their site. The latest focuses on how to use Irish records when you do not know where your ancestor is from and getting as much info as you can from US records before starting your Irish search. 

    Let me know how you progress

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 1st July 2014, 02:57PM