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Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02

Donovan and Connolly from Cork

28-Mar-20 18:51
Cork, Fanlobbus (Cork) 8 Hello again,
by John 1-Mar-21 19:27

COLLINS, and others of Dunmanway parish, including CROWLEY, DONOVAN, REGAN, SULLIVAN...

14-Sep-19 18:59
Ireland XO Community, Cork, Fanlobbus (Cork), Drimoleague (aka Dromdaleague) (Cork) 16 For some time, I have been tracking
by Allyn 22-Jul-21 0:30

O'Sullivan / Collins / Donovan / Gorman of Dunmanway

23-Jan-18 0:16
Ireland XO Community, Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 9 As noted in an earlier post. I too
by John 28-Mar-20 17:35

Eliza Tyner of Dromdrisdral

21-May-17 22:05
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 3 TY - my Eliza married Edward Ross.
by bets1661 24-May-17 21:58

Rosses of Derriduv, Dunmanway

21-May-17 22:03
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 2 bets1661:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 21-May-17 23:30

REGAN, John J Died 1931 in Rochester New York USA. possibly from Dunmanway and born 1850s. Cousins John and Hannah Regan

15-Nov-16 13:27
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 7 Hello Patricia,
by johnregan 26-May-17 18:58

Brien, O'Brien from Dunmanway

24-Jun-16 2:01
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 6 Hello bunty
by PhilS 26-Sep-20 15:43

Goodhand Clarke

22-Dec-15 3:43
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out and
by Clare Doyle 26-Jan-16 12:58

McCarthys from Moneyreague, 1930's/40's

29-Sep-15 0:10
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out and
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 15:23

Looking for Rickard O'Donovan from Dunmanway

4-Jul-15 3:20
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 2 Megan:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 4-Jul-15 14:18

Boyds from Drimoleague

18-Mar-15 12:26
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 3 Boyd Family
by maryfinnerty1905 4-Apr-15 21:14

Looking for birthplace of Henry Connors

24-Jan-15 17:55
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 6 Henry connor
by byegonedays 25-Jan-15 18:35

Murphy from Dunmanway

17-Jan-15 10:47
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 2 Murphy Dunmanway
by byegonedays 17-Jan-15 11:40

Murphy from Newmarket

5-Dec-14 10:54
Fanlobbus (Cork), Cork 4 William Murphy
by Julie Smith 12-Dec-14 19:42