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My Great Grandfather Henry Conners/Connors was born in Cork, Ireland according to multiple sources I have confirmed. i.e. 1900 US Census, 1871 and 1881 Welsh Census. In the 1900 US Census, he was born January 1831. I know this could be inaccurate, but at least it's a start. He married Hannah/Johanna (also from Cork according to the 1871 Welch Census) and they had 2 daughters born in Cork, Catherine in 1860 and Mary Ann in 1862. Sometime after that he went to Wales and lived in Lower Machen until he came to Pennsylvania in Febuary of 1882. He remarried Margaret George Thomas (maiden name) in 1881 before coming to the US. I have attached this document as the only proof I have for Henry's father's name, OWEN, that he was deceased at the time of the 1881 marriage and that he was a Labourer. I have attached other documents for evidence of Birthplace.

Additionally I have scoured Griffith's Valuation and could find 11 or so possible OWEN CONNOR from Cork. There were NO other spellings of O'Connor, Connors, Conners AND Owen combined with Cork as the birthplace. I feel fairly confident one of these is the Owen I seek. Because the Valuation was done in 1852, I really didn't look for Henry as I would imagine he was too young (19-21 or so) and still living with Owen. 

I joined the Fanlobbus Parish and I think the Townland may have been Nedinagh, West as there are many Connor names listed there. In the US, the family was Roman Catholic so I assume they were also Catholic in Ireland. 

As you can see I have done a lot of research and feel I am "almost there" but not quite yet. I think it may not matter whether I find a birthplace for Henry or Owen. I think they might be one and the same. 

I hope the above information is not too confusing.

Any help would be a God Send.

Kathy Connors

Saturday 24th Jan 2015, 05:55PM

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  • Hi Kathy, the following marriage:

    Henry Connor 1858 Reg District Cork. Volume 15 Page 93.  There are 2 Johannahs on index - Johannah Healy & Johannah regan. where you can obtain a Photo Copy of the Cert for €4


    Regards Frances


    Saturday 24th Jan 2015, 08:06PM
  • Thank you so much for your quick response!  Did you go the website you listed to look this up?

    Regards, Kathy

    Kathy Connors

    Saturday 24th Jan 2015, 11:46PM
  • Kathy groireland is the Site to order a marriage Cert. a Pay to View site has a Baptism record for a Henry Connor in County Cork in 1830

    Regards Frances


    Sunday 25th Jan 2015, 10:20AM
  • I joined the rootsireland website and found the record. I hope this is the one I've been looking for.

    I'm going to do a lot of reseach on this site.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly.


    Kathy Connors

    Sunday 25th Jan 2015, 06:14PM
  • Hi Kathy, Hope it is the correct record.  Henry would not be a very common christian name in Ireland so it looks goods. You might also find Henrys marriage record on roots ireland.

    Let me know what you discover.  Regards Frances


    Sunday 25th Jan 2015, 06:35PM

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