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I am researching my ancestors below.  I am having a hard time trying to find out what Parish they belonged to get records?  I would like to find out if Thomas and Margaret had anymore children other than my 3rd grandfather David.  Also who were the parents of Thomas and Margeret?  I have only one record of David Holly's marriage in a Roman Catholic Church in Australia stating his parents name below and County Cork.

Thomas Holly born abt.1793? who married Margaret Noonan abt. 1791?

They had David Holly b.1827 possibly in Fermoy, County Cork. 

Any information would be much appreciated!


Tamzine Manion

Tamzine Manion

Tuesday 25th April 2017, 09:16AM

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  • Dear Tamzine:


    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  Welcome to the website!

    I have had a quick look through the Irish Genealogy website and the Roots Ireland database for you without any reference to a David Holly with those parents listed and in that time period.

    There were Hollys located in Fermoy but they were not the names that you have listed and the children were baptised between 1842-1860. 

    Do you know when David Holly went to Australia?  That might help to narrow down the search.

    If you have further information, please post it. 

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 26th April 2017, 05:01PM
  • tamzineThHi Jane, thanks so much for your responses.  I believe David travelled to Australia in early 1850 as he was married in Warrnambool in 1855.  Could you possibly send me the details of the Hollys that you have found? I can try to find a connection?  davids marriage very states he is from Fermoy.  

    As for all my emails, I wasn't sure if they were sent to different people so apologies for the double ups! 




    Tamzine Manion

    Thursday 27th April 2017, 11:00PM
  • Hi Jane, 

    i have the following names in the Holly Family that I would like to see if there are any records in the Fermoy area.  

    The following first names are in the Holly family;

    Thomas , David, John, William, Margaret, Ellen, James, Patrick, Bridget, Stephen, Francis.  

    David Holly born 1827 in Fermoy Mother Margaret Holly nee Noonan was from County Tipperary.  

    Could you please suggest how David's parents Thomas and Margaret could have possibly met being in different towns?  

    Also, should i be looking for records with the Irish surname variation of Cuileann? 

    I have found that Thomas Holly born Abt. 1790 had a father Patrick Holly Born  Abt. 1768.   Do you have any possible further information or suggestions to help me unravel this mystery! :)

    Many thanks,  


    Tamzine Manion




    Tamzine Manion

    Monday 3rd July 2017, 03:09AM
  • Hi Tamzine

    Eventhough the Fermoy baptism records start in 1822 there is no record to be found for son David or his parents Thomas and Margaret,  marriage records for the Fermoy area do not start till 1828.

    I have done an all Ireland search for son David and the only David Holly I could find was baptised in Killavullen county Cork what is the Mallow district and not in the Fermoy district but only 20 minutes from Fermoy, this David was baptised in 1809 so too early to be your David and also had different parents, David Holly and Elizabeth Horgan. has 89 baptisms listed for people with the Holly surname and 11 people with the Holly surname in Fermoy district, not with names that you are looking for, attached a screenshot of these 11 Fermoy families most of them baptised in Fermoy town. Rootsireland is a subscription site

    I have also checked the Tithe Applotment records 1823 to 1837 and no Holly family is listed in Cork, there are families with the Holly name in Tipperary , the only Thomas Hollly listed was living in County Carlow in 1826 in the townland of Drumphea in the parish of Fenagh in Carlow ( wonder did they get Fermoy and Fenagh mixed up?)

    Mallow Cork

    Monday 3rd July 2017, 11:45AM
  • Mallow Cork

    Monday 3rd July 2017, 11:46AM

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