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The Daly Family I belong to Owen Daly Born 1814 in Glenworth or (Glanworth) in Fermoy Cork Ireland no more exact  date has been sited.That he had brothers and sisters comes from his last will where he made provisionfor masses for his deceased siblings.His Father John Daly was a joiner (wood Carptner) Mother Catherine Curtain(Curtin) Owen  Married Sussanah Parker  9-September -1840 Saint Nicholas Chapel Liverpool England. Sussanah was born 1821 or 1820 in Belfast she is  the daughter of James Parker a (husbandman) or farmer her mother Catherine McCammery,Owen and Sussanna came to Australia on the Brothers 11 March 1841.John there first son was born in Liverpool 13-April-1840 The 1841 Immigrations papers showed that Owen and his wife( described as ageneral servant)they were brought out to New South Wales by A.B.Smith&CO., both could read and write both Sussanah  parents were both recorded as both deceased Owen parents were still living.I am looking for family back in Ireland did the brothers and sisters go to England did they die in Ireland thank you any information will be greatly appreciated they were Roman Catholics


Sunday 27th July 2014, 10:24AM

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  • Hello Denise, welcome to Ireland Reaching Out.   Im sorry I dont really have the answers you seek on your Daly family.  However, as a point of possible interest to you.  I have done some research on my husband's family,  Dalys (Daley) from Fermoy,  near Glanworth, Co Cork.   My husband's 2nd or 3rd great grandfather was Cornelius Daly who came to the US around 1860 his age around 20.  He had a  brother John (perhaps others too).  His parents were Jeremiah Daly and Johanna Hally (not 100% on her name),  they also had other children.  I believe my sister-in-law has discovered someone in the family being in Australia, Im not sure about this and would have to check.   I would recommend you try to contact the Glanworth Parish office and see if they know of any records on your family.  Most of the RC church records from surrounding areas have been consolidated in  Glanworth Parish.  It is really a matter of great luck if you can find records before 1840, however, church records often are older than that.  I would think it is entirely possible that Dalys from the same place and time frame are related, but remember there are many Dalys in that area of Ireland.  The Glanworth Parish email is:   Good luck,   Let me know how you get on.  I am the Dungarvan Waterford Liaison, Elaine.     

    Dungarvan Waterford

    Friday 1st August 2014, 12:20AM
  • Thank you so much Ealine I read about Cornelius  going to the us and was wondering if they were related 


    Friday 1st August 2014, 10:40PM
  • Hi Denise,  would you mind telling me where you  read about Conelius Daly?  I have little information about him in Ireland and Im always interested ?  

    I believe he and his brother John settled in Albany NY.   Elaine

    Dungarvan Waterford

    Monday 4th August 2014, 06:19PM
  • Hello Elaine,

    Do I understand this correctly.  Your husband is a DALY from Fermoy and you are now living around Dungarvan?

    If so please contact me at my private account.

    A Cornelius Daly was my grandfather.  His father, Timothy Daly, of Killavullen, Cork, b 1842, and Timothy's brother, John, b. 1845, mustered-in with the U.S. Union Army in Albany, NY.  They mustered out in Troy, NY 1865.

    Timothy's older brothers were Eugene, Cornelius, and Denis.  Their father was Denis Daly and their mother was Julia/Jude Collins, married August 28, 1820 at St. Nicholas, Killavullen, Cork. 

    Anyway, I know quite a bit more.  Many of these Dalys and Collinses ended up in New South Wales, Australia.

    Though this may not ring for your husband's line I do have information on many Dalys across South Munster and specifically too, Fermoy.




    Tuesday 12th August 2014, 07:58AM