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Does anyone know of a Joseph Fitzpatrick and family, Curraghs, Liscarrol? He appears in my GrandDad's diary, but I do not know what the relationship is.  My Fitzpatrick family comes from County of Cavan with my Great Grandfather coming to Queensland, Australia about 1882.


Sunday 10th February 2013, 03:01AM

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  • Hi Bernard

    My name is Doreen, and I am the Parish Admin for Liscarroll, Co. Cork.  I have been doing a little research on your query  for Joseph Fitzpatrick.  My mother is Fitzpatrick also, but I dont think we are related.  However I have come across a Joseph Fitzpatrick in the 1901 Census in Knockardfree Kilbrin, which is a neighbouring parish to Liscarroll. As far as I am aware, Knockardfree is now in fact a townland in Liscarroll, as is Curraghs which is also included as a townland in Kilbrin  in the 1901 Census.  Have a look at this page and see if the dates tie in for you with your grandfathers diaries.  My father knew of Annie Fitzpatrick which I believe was the daughter of Joseph whom he remembers living in Curraghs.  . I have looked on, which is at present recording all historic graveyards throughout Ireland, and is a valuable source of information for anyone doing genealogical research.  Unfortunately Castlecor Graveyard which is in the Kilbrin parish is not yet complete so I cannott be sure if the above Fitzpatrick family are buried here.  I have also checked Liscarroll graveyard which has recently been completed and they are not buried there, so my guess is that Kilbrin(Castlecor) is most likely to be the burial place.  If you would like to keep in touch with Liscarroll please join our parish.  I hope this is of some help to you.


    Doreen McElligott Egan

    Monday 18th February 2013, 11:51AM
  • Geday Doreen,

    I was just about to l shutdown my computer when your message arrived.  I did not expect a response so fast, and especially from someone who might know someone (your Dad) who knew Joseph's family.

    I'm in Australia and have never travelled to Ireland, so I'm not familiar with places in Ireland other than on maps.  Joesph Fitzpatrick is a curosity to me as I do not understand how he is associated to my family.  I know my Fitzpatricks are from Derravona, County of Cavan.  One of my distant cousins has visited Belturbet and the Derravona area a few times since 2008.  My family were known there as the farm was still owned by GrandDad's cousins up to the 1970s, and one of the cosuins was a Parish Priest of Diocese of Kilmore.  It has been suggested by a Belturbet local that my Fitzpatricks had been in the Derravona area since the 1600s.  So why is Joseph Fitzpatrick in my GrandDad's notebook??

    I had found both the 1901 and 1911 Census in Knockardfree the 1901 you have provided the link to, and I am assuming that is the Joesph Fitzpatrick I am looking for.  My GrandDad's notebooks were not regularly written in and appear to have commenced about 1914, but I'm uncertain when Joseph's details were entered.  I know that my GrandDad visited Ireland when he was about 7-8 years old in 1900.  Dad has suggested that he may have travelled with his brother or sister to Ireland about 1910 when he would have been about 18 years old, but I have found no confirmation of that.

    It appears all the names and addresses in GrandDad's notebooks were people he had contact with even if just by letters.  However, there are a number that appear to be addresses used to keep in touch with his mother when she was travelling in Ireland, Scotland and New York in 1914, but usually they have the address Mrs Fitzpatrick C/-.

    I have the following information that I assume is associated with Joesph and possibly the address he was at, but maybe I'm wrong.  Anne in 1946 I am assuming was Joesph's daughter, and Denis his father.  There are no known family name of Denis in my Derravona Fitzpatricks.

    I find in Guy's Postal Directory:

    1946 under Landholders, Kilbrin - Fitzpatrick, Anne, Knockardfree

    1935 under Landholders, Kilbrin, Electoral Div Greename - Joseph Fitzpatrick not listed

    1925 under Landholders, Kilbrin, Electoral Div Greename - Joseph Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    1916 under Landholders, Kilbrin, Electoral Div Greename - Joseph Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    1914 under Electoral Division Kilbrin - Joseph Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    1907 under Landholders, Parish Kilbrin, Electoral Div Greename - Joseph Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    1896 under Farmers, Kilbrin - Denis Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    1892 under Farmers, Kilbrin - Denis Fitzpatrick, Curraghs 

    1891 under Farmers, Kilbrin - Mallow - Denis Fitzpatrick, Curraghs1886 in Kilbrin - Denis Fitzpatrick, Curraghs

    Griifith Valuation - Fitzpatrick, Denis, Knockardfree

    1832 Tithe Applotment for the parish of Kilbrin, Curras - Denis Fitzpatrick

    Kind regards,

    Bernard Fitzpatrick


    Monday 18th February 2013, 01:10PM
  • I realise this is a 4 year old post and the query may no longer be relevant.

    My great grandfather William was born in Knockardfree/Curraghs to Denis Fitzpatrick & Hannah Murphy.

    Joseph Fitzpatrick was one a large number of children born to second marriage of  Denis Fitzpatrick & Hanora Barry. Joe emigrated to USA for some short time and appears to have returned in 1894 before marrying Ellen Browne from Newmarket. Their only daughter Annie died in 1955. Family history indicates that Annie was buried in Kilbrin but unfortunately I can't locate a head stone. Documentation indicates that Cork Co Council were paid for the grave by the undertaker. I can only assume that the older Fitzpatricks were buried also in Kilbrin but no records have surfaced so far.

    4 of Joe's brothers(James, Thomas, Daniel & Simon) emigrated to Australia so perhaps that is how the connection with Bernard's grandfather came about. Ballarat, Balranald, Melton Grove, Stockton Colliery feature in the lives of the 4 Fitzpatrick brothers.

    Do any of these locations make a connection





    Wednesday 10th May 2017, 10:56PM