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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the passport and the picture of John Richard. This is the information that Sherman gave Win, plus what I have been able to Google.

Family of Samuel Connell and Patience Levis (d. 9 March 1886)

According to the information that Sherman Connell gave my Aunt Win in the late 70s, Samuel and Patience had at least four children, my great-grandmother Mary (Minnie) Anne (1848­–1913), brothers James (d. 1920) and Samuel (a haberdasher in Skibbereen; my aunt took a picture of his shop when she was there in the 30s), another sister (Margaret Jane Whitley, d. 27 June 1910, perhaps?) and his father, John Richard (1862–1935). John Richard was married to Anne L. Shephard (1869–1954) and had three children, Cecil Richard (1895–1940) married Marian Chapin, Ella Margaret (1902–1978) Sherman J. (1911–1997?; died at age 86). He married Lola Weaver Connell (1910–2010). they had one son, Philip Richard (1941– ), who had two sons, Aaron Robert (1968­­– ) and Benjamin Allan (1971– ).


Wednesday 12th September 2018, 01:43PM

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