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Dear Mike,

Thanks for all this. I would love to know the relation between Samuel and Thomas Connell, brothers? cousins? They seem to have been farming close to one another. But there sure are a lot of Connells in the area. I am uploading the old photo of S. Connell's store, still there in the late 1930s. (I'm having trouble uploading this so will send it to you by email).

As you have probably seen from Allegra's Ancestry tree, my great-great grandmother was Catherine Attridge, not Kathleen Aldridge. I realized from looking at the land records that the last name had to be Attridge, and Allegra was able to dig a bit further.

Cousin Jean



Friday 14th September 2018, 10:35AM

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  • Dear Jean:

    I see that you have written to Mike but that your reply as come up as a new message.  Would you like me to change this as Mike may not have seen this reply?


    Let me know.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 21st September 2018, 09:58AM