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Information on Michael Magnier of Ballyvisteen Kildorerry d 1877

16-Aug-21 4:25
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork) 6 Many thanks Margaret for your reply
by davepat 25-Aug-21 17:08

Catherine Woods

4-Jul-21 10:31
Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 3 Thanks.   I like the
by Eleanor Davidson 5-Jul-21 4:41


15-May-21 7:40
Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 6 Many thanks, Mc Coy and David Whyte
by Lmb 19-May-21 6:44

Lee Family. Labbamolaga, Co. Cork.

21-Apr-21 23:27
Mitchelstown (Cork), Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 8 Mary Anne,
by Danlee58 24-Jun-21 14:36

Drake and Lee families, info please

13-Nov-20 13:33
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 7 Thank you for that information.
by Nicky 27-Jan-21 16:41

Terence O'Keeffe/Keeffe of Lismonihis

31-Aug-20 0:07
Ireland XO Community, Cork, Kildorrery (Cork) 4 Kira,
by Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 30-Dec-20 1:06

McDonnells of Kildorrery

8-Jun-20 0:45
Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 14
by Elaine Massena 18-May-21 17:11

Connection between Keating, Walsh and O'Donnell families

18-May-20 0:22
Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 8 Hi Pam and Kathleen,
by Margaret 30-May-20 2:02

Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02

Bio information, regarding Margaret Fitzgerald and James O'Donnell

14-Feb-20 16:24
Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 1
by ixouser855181

Any links between these two Grady/Norris couples?

29-Dec-19 22:24
Ireland XO Community, Cork, Mitchelstown (Cork), Kildorrery (Cork) 1
by ixouser914386

The Noonans of Kildorrery

6-Nov-19 17:03
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 9 Sorry Reets, not even the witnesses
by I am a 66 year old Scot who has Irish antecedents on both my father's side of my family and my mother's side of my family. The Nolans came from Longford, County Longford and the Noonans from Kildorrery, County Cork. 21-Mar-20 19:16

Myers (Myres) of Ballingairoe, Ballysurdane, Kildorrery, Cork

26-Sep-19 10:55
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 7 Hi Annette. There are indeed a
by Jason 22-Jan-21 9:56

Kildorrery Cemeteries

7-Mar-19 13:46
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 3 Dear Brenda,
by K O'Keeffe 8-Mar-19 17:18

Looking for Clifford’s and Kenny’s

8-Aug-18 12:05
Ireland XO Community, Kildorrery (Cork), Cork 5 Jan,  
by Chris Clifford 26-Feb-19 12:55