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I have my DNA files from, and I am looking for a DNA match with anyone with ancestry from the Labbamolaga/Kildorrery/Mitchelstown area to verify my family tree.


Wednesday 21st Apr 2021, 11:27PM

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  • Hello Dan

    My name is Kevin Leahy and my family comes from Mitchelstown. I have done all my DNA tests and included is the big y at FTDNA. I have many Lee men a fairly close match. What is your Ancestry name and i will check to see if we share Autosomal DNA there.


    Kevin Leahy


    Thursday 22nd Apr 2021, 08:51PM
  • Kevin,

    My Ancestry name is Dan Lee. I think that I have identifired my Great-grandfather's birth in Labbamolage, Co. Cork in 1847. I have not been able to verify any relatives from the area, thriugh DNA. My Great-grandfather's name was Patrick Lee. My Y DNA is M222 DF109 according to Living DNA.

    I appreciate any help that you can provide.

    Dan lee


    Saturday 19th Jun 2021, 11:28PM
  • Hi Dan

    I have a Patrick Lee (b 1833) married a Mary O'Donnell (b 1825) from Anglesborough which is not far from Labbamolage. They had at least 3 children - Ellen, Mary and Johanna All born in South Carolina.


    My Ancestry name is Patrick Clifford


    Monday 21st Jun 2021, 05:56AM
  • Sorry Dan

    I have been busy, checked ancestry and no match to me there



    Monday 21st Jun 2021, 07:38PM
  • Ancestry has a match for me, Richard Lee. His ancestor is Patrick Lee, b. 17 Mar 1843 Gurtmagrough County Galway, Ireland. This is not my great-grandfather, because he settled in Wisconsin, and my great-grandfather settled in Philadelphia. I need to look at birth records for Gurtmagrough, Co. Galway Ireland for a cousin. I thought for sure my great-grandfather was born in Cork, from my memory of family history.


    Tuesday 22nd Jun 2021, 02:23PM
  • Hi Dan

    My great great great grandmother was Mary Lee. She married James Keane of Labbamalogga and had two sons Thomas born 1826 and John my great great grandfather born 1834, died 1882.I wil research Mary Lee further by viewing the records from Mitchelstown church records.


    Mary Anne Coffey


    Wednesday 23rd Jun 2021, 06:50PM
  • Mary Anne,

    There were several Lee Baptisms from Labbamolaga in 1826. One was William Lee, parents were Robert Lee and Mary Kenedy, sponsors were Thomas Lee and Bridget Kenedy. William could have been my GG-grandfather. Other Baptisms were Timothy Mulcahy, Robert Lee and Ellen Lee were sponsors, and Richard Lee, parents Thomas Lee & Margaret Molan, sponsors Daniel Lee & Catherine Lee.


    Thursday 24th Jun 2021, 02:36PM
  • Dan, I am a DNA match on Ancestry to Mary Anne's mother so the same family. I have a matches with other Lees. I would be happy to share with you using email. My email address is janfortado"at" Jan


    Sunday 8th Jan 2023, 01:07AM

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