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Hello Liscarroll members.

I had been looking for more info on my Leahy background. My John Leahy married Mary Ellen Sharpe whose people were from Liscarroll. I was trying to see if there were any other leads to follow on the Leahy side where I have not gotten far back and saw an article online on the Battle of Liscarroll where Leahy´s Farm is mentioned. Does anyone know any more about these Leahys please? Above mentioned John Leahy was teh son of a John Leahy who owned a shop on Broad Street in Charleville and that John Leahy was the son of a John Leahy, a farmer, but I can not get any info on him.

I would love to hear more in case there is a link!

Thank you all, Jackie Leahy

Jackie Leahy

Friday 22nd Jan 2021, 08:39AM

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  • Jackie - what are the dates of your John Leahy and Mary Ellen Sharpe?  Thanks!


    Maureen O'Brien

    Friday 22nd Jan 2021, 08:21PM
  • Hi Maureen,

    I may be clutching at straws here! 1874 seems to be the date of birth of both of them. His father was John Leahy a farmer and I have nothign else to go on, but it coudl make sense that he was from Liscarroll as this is where the Sharpes were from.

    Thanks so much,



    Jackie Leahy

    Saturday 23rd Jan 2021, 08:35PM
  • I found this record on the Irish Family History site, I hope it helps in some way.

    John Leahy

    Date of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:19-Jul-1874


    Gender: Male

    CountyCo. Cork

    Denomination:Roman Catholic

    Father:John Leahy

    Mother:Catherine O'DonoghueOccupation:

    Sponsor 1 /Informant 1:Thomas Leahy Sponsor

    2 /Informant 2:Margaret O Donoghue 




    Maureen O'Brien

    Monday 25th Jan 2021, 01:05AM
  • Thanks Maureen, yes this is the same info as I have for that Joh Leahy and was hoping to find outmore about his father (also John Leahy and listed as a farmer). Thank you so much anyway.


    Jackie Leahy

    Monday 25th Jan 2021, 07:22PM

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