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Patrick Walsh b 1780 in ?? Mallow cty. married Julia Haley b ? 1790 or 1795 some time around 1815-1818, had 5 children in Mallow cty. area. John aug 1818, Patrick (jr.?)1822, Elizabeth 1826, James 1830 & Catherine 1838. They all ended up in Leominster Mass. USA some time around 1840-1850. Patrick father's name was William & mother was Elizabeth. I would like to be able to go back into the family prior to Patrick & Julia with his parents  William's & Elizabeth family etc. One point James Walsh had 10 children all born in Leominster Mass USA between 1859-1874 and one of them David I. Walsh became Gov. of Mass 1914-1918 Senator from 1918-1946. I can be reached at Any help would  great. Regards Terry Walsh


Thursday 5th Jul 2012, 03:37PM

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  • Dear Terry,


    First of all sorry for the late response, but we will do our best to answer your question to the best of our abilities.

    Even today the Walsh family is still strongly represented in Mallow and area.

    Unfortunately the records from before 1800 are scares in Mallow , the Mallow Heritage center has records from 1800 onwards. These records can be viewed (transcriptions) against a free of 5 Euro per record.

    Be aware that older records sometimes only give a name and date and not always information about parents etc.

    Only from 1865 onwards records became better but still most of them were church-registrations and not all priests put a lot of information on the vital records.

    It would be a good start if you could find an old passenger record from when the family emigrated, in some cases this gives the name of the father left behind in Mallow, Ireland.

    For passenger records from before 1880 you can visit take note that they might have traveled from the United Kingdom, Liverpool for example.

    Also American naturalisation records hold a lot of information about the person

    Other links we can advise you to check is the Irish Family History Foundation as mentioned above (Mallow heritage center)

    Saying that maybe someone from Mallow with a Walsh connection might respond to this post and might be able to help you a bit further.

    Kind regards,



    Mallow Admin

    Mallow Cork

    Tuesday 10th Jul 2012, 04:21PM


    I have done a quick search but could not find a Patrick Walsh born in 1780 in North Cork, Mallow area
    I found 7 matches for his name but none of them born or baptised  in Mallow, the earliest Mallow birth was 1827 and clearly not your Patrick Walsh
    Earliest baptism I could find for a Julia Healy was 1845
    Quite possible that there births/baptisms were not recorded as I explained in my reply on Ireland reaching out records  from before 1800 are scares and in some cases do not even exist
    May I ask where you found the dates?

    The good news is that I did find a marriage registration for Patrick Walsh and Julia Healy

    Church marriage of Patrick Walsh and Julia Healy 1815 Donoughmore, County Cork

    Donoughmore is the place were most Cork Healy's came from ( Healy Clan)

    Donoughmore is about a half an hour drive from Mallow to the South West.

    I found this marriage record on

    Mallow Cork

    Tuesday 10th Jul 2012, 07:02PM
  • Many tks. for looking for Patrick & Julia, and I also had found that marriage record, but it doesn't list father or mother for either side. Do you think getting more info from the Donoughmore Parish is possible.?? I have been told his parents were William & Elizabeth, and her's was James & Mary. I also was told that maybe the records in Dublin go back prior to the 1800 date. As I had said that one son James had a son born in the USA " David I. Walsh who ended up being the Gov. of Massachusetts as well as their Senator that ran from 1914-1946. I have a book written back in 1952 about his life, and in the book it said his father (James) & his father ( Patrick)  were from Mallow. So I would have thought that over the years someone in Ireland would have looked up his family tree, David I. Walsh was very close to Irish Minister to the United States Mr. Sean Nurran and on his death in 1947 a tribute was read from Premier Eamon de Valera of Ireland, who as it was said was very close with David I. Walsh.

    So what do you suggest I do next.... as the entry into the USA has resulted in nothing, I think they all came in thru the port of Boston not New York.




    Terry Walsh


    Wednesday 11th Jul 2012, 12:59AM
  • Hi Terry,


    You could try and tackle the problem by starting to trace Julia Healy in Donoughmore county Cork

    You could contact the Healy Clan organisation, who can be found on Facebook, post your request there too.

    Unfortunately there is no activity yet for Donoughmore here on Irelandxo, maybe something for me to start

    This is the Healy Clan




    Mallow Admin

    Mallow Cork

    Wednesday 11th Jul 2012, 12:48PM

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