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Hi everyone

I'm looking for any information on Mary/Maria Mansfield. Details as follows:

  1. Born - about 1863
  2. I believe she was the daughter of Patrick Mansfield and Frances McCarthy (Free School Lane)
  3. She gave birth to a son, John, in Midleton Workhouse, in 1894
  4. John was listed as illegitimate, and father's name was not registered
  5. She died in the Workhouse in 1900 (listed as widow, but no name change from Mansfield)
  6. Records show that Maria/Mary entered the Workhouse in April 1894 (around the time that I believe Frances, her mother, died).
  7. Her name was listed as Maria on her baptism record. 
  8. Her siblings (according to Griffith's Valuation) were Jeremiah, Margaret and Michael
  9. John Mansfield was adopted by Michael Lynch and Ellen (nee Prenderville).

I'd like to find out any further information about Maria or her family. We visited the Workhouse a couple of years ago and the staff were as helpful as they could have been but we haven't got any further. I understand that paupers were originally buried in the paupers' grave but this stopped around 1899. My dad, John/Jack Lynch (son of John Mansfield/Lynch) is now 89 and would dearly love to find out where Mary/Maria is buried, where her parents are buried, who my father's biological grandfather was, and see if anyone locally has any recollections/stories/anecdotes or clues about where to find this information.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give us. 


Jane Lynch

Sunday 18th September 2016, 03:16PM

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  • Hi Jane

    I just added a reply to your previous post about Maria

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Tuesday 18th October 2016, 03:53PM