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Trying to find parents names of Wm Flynn,b about 1844,  a very common name in the area I believe. He married Mary Gumbleton in 1862 in Middleton, Cloyne. No parents name given on the marriage record.NLI marriage registers p 39, Microfilm 04986/03.    Mary G  b abt 1840 in Imogeela, parents Michael Gumbleton and Mary Gleeson.

William was a "boatman" . He died in 1875 at Little Island, age 32 yrs.

I would very much like to find his parents names and any siblings.Without knowing his parents or where exactly he was born, it has been a long fruitless search.

Thx for any help.


Wednesday 15th June 2016, 05:38PM

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  • hhorgan:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    As you indicated there are over ten William Flynn baptismal records around 1844. I looked for a record in Imogeela parish with no success. I then checked Midleton and found an 1842 record. No idea if this is the correct record. Did they have children and if so, what was the name of the oldest son?

    You may also want to consider autosomal DNA testing.

    Roger McDonnell


    Name:William FlynnDate of Birth:
    Date of Baptism:15-Jun-1842Address:MidletonParish/District:MIDLETONGender:MaleCountyCo. Cork
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:Denis FlynnMother:Bridget CashmanOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James DalySponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Margaret Walsh

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 15th June 2016, 08:49PM
  • Yes they had 7 children and eldest son David.  The one you mention is on my radar for sure as one of Mary Gumbletons nephew`s , or cousins ,had a Cashman sponsor for baptism of a Patrick Gumbleton. Carrigtwohill.   .However, that is still not  proof. I have just had my DNA done and still trying to interpret the results. 


    Thursday 16th June 2016, 02:58PM
  • The William of 1842  born to Denis and Biddy was 2 weeks old when the 1842 census of Midleton was recorded.

    Denis is listed as 29 and Biddy 27 with his occupation as a Smith (? Blacksmith as they usually use Smith for blacksmith)

    The address is Scanlons Lane and there is a Cashman family next door.

    No sign of the family in the 1848 census of Midleton.

    One comment i have is i wonder if he was born in 1844 as that would have him as only 18 when he married in 1862 which would have been very young for the man in those days.

    What might be of interest to you is an1848 census for Banard Lower which has the following

    William Flynn age 47 boatman

    Kate Flynn  38 wife

    Maurice Flynn 20, William Flynn 18, John Flynn 9, Mary Flynn 4


    The same family are in the 1842 census also for Bawnard Lower but reads as follows

    William Flynn age 40 Farmer

    Kate Fitzgerald wife 36 (Maiden Name given in the 1842 census)

    Maurice 13, William 10, John 3.

    Not sure if this is of any help but thought i would let you know what is recorded. 

    Anne O'Neill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 16th June 2016, 10:25PM
  • Thanks Anne. I also had the family from Bawnard Lower on my radar, namely re the occupation of boatman.

    And I agree with you re his age which means he would be about 4 years younger than his wife. Not impossible but I know ages can be way out so I keep an open mind about ages.The only info I have about his age is on his death record which says he was 32 when he died in 1875. I have been looking at records for Wm Flynn`s from 1838-1844ish.

    Interesting that the Denis Flynn was neighbour to a Cashman family. I am leaning more and more to that family with Denis as father but still want proof. I was so happy when the NLI records went online last year and I finally found their marriage record but so disappointed that his fathers name wasn`t listed. I knew years before that I had the right family of Wm Flynn and Mary G but could never find their marriage record until then.

    Thanks for your interest.



    Friday 17th June 2016, 03:44PM