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Looking for the birth and parents of Charles Kingston O'Mahony (author) born 1884 Mitchelstown. He studied in Dublin and married in London 1910. He and Katherine Tynan were mentioned as possible relatives by a orphan female born in Dublin around 1908. She gave details of his house in Esher Surrey, believing Charles and Katherine were relative's of her birth family. Thanks


Friday 28th Jan 2022, 11:01PM

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  • Nicky:

    See third record for March 13 1882 birth record for Charles O'Mahony in Mitchelstown.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 28th Jan 2022, 11:52PM
  • Thank you that looks like the one. I was hoping to find a connection between him and Tynan/ O'Mahony family in Dublin but can't see it so far, thanks for your help


    Saturday 29th Jan 2022, 01:26PM
  • Nicky

    I have written an article on Charles Kingston O'Mahonywhich was for the O'Mahony Journal this year prior to change of editor. Charles was the son of Thomas O'Mahony and Frances Gibson but due to the political events of the time there does not seem to be a record of his birth. You can read about the Mitchelstown family in the O'Mahony Journal No 42 2019. 

    Hope this is helpful and would be interested to know more about his education in Dublin.



    Monday 7th Feb 2022, 08:59AM
  • Hi Gwynneth Thank you for your reply, I will read the article and hopefully with more information coming from a living relative in the next few days, will be able to make some headway. The information about his parents confirms he is the same Charles Joseph O'Mahony sent earlier in this post. Was hoping to find a connection between him and John O'Mahony who was married Nora Tynan ( sister of Katherine Tynan) as Charles and the Tynan sister's were known to be birth relative's. The only other person mentioned was Muriel Stuart another author poet! believed to be a aunt? Very much still a mystery. Thank you for your help. Nicky


    Monday 7th Feb 2022, 09:21PM
  • The information about Charles's education in Dublin came from a Google search on his early life, I will try and locate it.


    Monday 7th Feb 2022, 09:51PM
  • Thanks I will appreciate the information.

    The Charles Joseph whose was earlier posted is not Charles Kingston as he died shortly after birth. However although I cannot find Charles Kingston's birth record I can prove the family connection from other documentation.


    Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 06:33PM
  • Thank you Gwynneth.

    So are Thomas and Frances O'mahony the parents of both Charles Joseph b 1882 and Charles Kingston?

    making Charles the brother of John Evelyn? 

    This is where I found the information about his education, don't know how reliable it is.

    "O’Mahony, Charles Kingston (1884-1944) (stories) (chron.)

    Born in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland; educated in Dublin; author and journalist."


    There are some stories from the family that may help or create more questions but not comfortable to share publically.




    Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 10:44PM

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