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I am seeking information about my father's maternal line. My great grandparents were from Mitchelstown. My great grandmother was Julia O'Brien (1841-1914) and my great grandfather Michael Luddy (1839-1916). They married at the old Michelstown Catholic church on 1st January 1860. Fr. William O'Brien officiated and the witnesses were Thomas Clancy and Margaret Cranwell (maybe an unusual name for a witness at a Catholic wedding?). Julia and Michael migrated to Adelaide, South Australia in the 1870's. I am not sure whether my grandmother Julia Ann Luddy (1877-1959) was born in Ireland or in Australia, as I can find no record of registration of her birth here in Australia. 

The Luddy's were an exremely musical family and my great grandfather Michael started a band here. They were very involved in the life of the Church in the westend of Adelaide. My great uncle became a hugely respected religious brother  and my great aunt a Dominican nun. My grandmother Julia had a magnificent singing voice and sang regularly at all the St Patricks day concerts and other gatherings.

We enjoyed our visti to Mitchelstown very much and look forward to the day we can return.  My search for family information was somewhat hampered by the fact that I was not allowed access to the church records, even though they were copies, but I had to rely on a very pleasant young women to do the searching. The local priest declared the records confidential, so I never really had the opportunity to follow through on leads. This was also coupled by the fact that the very interesting local historian was shocked I should be connected to Pa Luddy who 'burnt the castle down'  in the 1920's. I would appreciate anything that local knowledge can contribute to my understanding of my family history.

Best regards,

Julia Twohig


Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022, 08:50AM

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  • Julia:

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and three baptismal records came up for children of Michael Luddy and Julia O'Brien. All were in Mitchelstown and the family lived on Upper Cork St. Here is the parish register with baptismal records thru early 1881

    Is it possible the family left Ireland in 1864-1865?

    Patrick baptized November 20 1860

    Mary baptized April 17 1862

    Thomas baptized December 18 1863

    I also looked for Michael Luddy baptismal records in Mitchelstown and there were two possibilities.

    Michael Luddy baptized August 23 1829 father Jeremiah Luddy mother Mary Fenefsy.

    Michael Luddy baptized December 29 1833 father Thomas Luddy mother Johanna Shirlock

    For Julia O'Brien there were four possible records- 1832 1833 and 1837 (2)

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 22nd Feb 2022, 11:53PM
  • Roger,

    Thank you so much for your efforts.

    I think it would be so easy to attach a history to the wrong Michael or Julia.

    I will revisit there marriage certificate to see fathers names that should at least eliminate some.

    We loved our visit to Mitchelstown and hope to return when the world is less crazy.

    I am awash with peaches, plums and mulberries at the moment so have made lots of jams and chutney. I always think

    of the failed mulberry endeavour in Mitchelstown when our tree ripens.  

    Once again many thanks for your response.

    All the best,





    Thursday 24th Feb 2022, 05:39AM

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