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Greenane of Mitchelstown

16-Oct-13 14:38
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 3 Greenane
by Mallow Cork 7-Jan-14 10:26

Mitchelstown Gathering Genealogy Workshop

13-Sep-13 21:16
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 thanks
by Emma Carty 23-Sep-13 12:58


27-Aug-13 23:34
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 4 Hi Barbara,? I would be happy
by Mitchelstown Cork 4-Sep-13 19:45

McCarthy/Casey families Ballygiblin east of Mitchelstown

5-Aug-13 14:06
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Response
by Emma Carty 8-Aug-13 14:46

Trumbles of Mitchelstown

31-Jul-13 13:11
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 13 Hi Penelope, i have no photographs.
by Ursula 8-May-19 12:22


25-Jul-13 4:36
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 3 Mitchelstown
by rogermullan 1-Oct-14 1:50

American Casey Searching for Casey's of Mitchelstown

14-Jul-13 3:38
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 3 Thank you very much, Roger.?
by kirkland77 14-Jul-13 17:01

Looking for Flynn

11-Jul-13 14:16
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 3 Flynn
by judithh 12-Jul-13 13:12

Family details prior to emigration to Australia

29-Jun-13 8:35
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 lee
by kenden 30-Jun-13 9:45


17-May-13 15:28
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Re Roaches
by Kildorrery Cork 19-May-13 12:02


8-May-13 6:11
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Response
by Emma Carty 11-Jun-13 14:51

Catherine Norris

30-Apr-13 2:22
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Thanks for the information!
by cynoconnor 30-May-13 14:41

looking for William Flynn

11-Apr-13 7:18
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Response
by Emma Carty 22-May-13 15:43

Peter Robinson Display at Library

6-Apr-13 21:33
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 2 Response
by Emma Carty 21-May-13 10:50

Wileys in Ireland in the 1700s

5-Apr-13 12:51
Mitchelstown (Cork), Cork 3 suggestions
by wileykid 11-Apr-13 13:09