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Seeking Gorman/O'Gorman - James and Johanna Gorman married Rathgoggan 1831 - seven children born in Charleville and two boys in England 1850s. Some children went to America, Nebraska and New York, some went to Australia. I would like to know if any of the family stayed in Ireland in County Cork.  Also seeking the parents of James Gorman b 1806 and those of his wife Johanna Kirby or Kenny b 1805 - these dates vary in my research from 1800 to 1810 but the records of their children are consistent in all cases.

James Gorman and Johanna are my great, great maternal grandparents.

I would be grateful for any information.


Peter Dewhurst, Cornwall.



Thursday 18th June 2015, 05:28PM

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  • Peter:

    The Charleville RC parish baptismal records start in 1827 so it is unlikely that baptismal records exist for James and Johanna. Marriage records are available for late 1794 to mid-1822. On July 8th the National Library of ireland plans to place all RC parish registers online for free searching. Charlesville is in the Diocese of Cloyne.

    I looked at the 1852 Griffiths Valuation Head of household listing for Ratgoggan civil parish. Although there were Gormans and O'Gormans , there were no James records. Possibly they had left by then.

    No way of knowing if their are relatives in the area now. There was only one O'Gorman family in the 1911 census for Charleville.

    Roger McDonnell

    Charleville Marriages Aug. 10, 1774 - Nov. 15, 1792 P.5001 Dispensations Sept. 1, 1774 - Jan. 9, 1793 Marriages Nov. 23, 1794 - July 3, 1822 __________________________________________________________________ Baptisms May 2, 1827 - Dec. 31, 1880 P.5002 Marriages June 3, 1827 - Dec. 9, 1880 _____________________________________________________________________

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 18th June 2015, 06:15PM


    Thanks Roger,

    James and Johanna did leave, and I assume, with the rest of their family in the late 1840s. My great grandfather Martin was born in Bickerstaffe, Lancashire in 1849.  Johanna and James were married on 30th January 1831 in Charleville.  Martin married Elizabeth Butler, they had three girls and Stanley my grandfather.  One girl died in her first year and another in her early teens, Catharine lived until 1956.

    Thanks for your assistance.  It would seem that following the death of James, Johanna then emigrated to Australia.

    Very best regards

    Peter Dewhurst.


    Thursday 18th June 2015, 10:54PM