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1823 Marriage Diocese Cork & Ross in Cork

Descendant search...William(possibley Rev. William Sullivan) marriage to Margaret Geary..they wed in 1823 at diocese ross&cork in County Cork.  I am seeking lineage and parents names. William descendant of Patrick Joseph and Elizabeth Tyson. Family immigrated to Wales and then the America in 1866.


Thursday 19th September 2013, 06:38AM

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  • Hi Paige,

    The Thompson-Woodcock tree on ancestry has the marriage in Youghal, Cork. has a record of the marriage of William Sullivan to Margaret Geary in 1828 Youghal (R C)

    The record will give you the parents' names.

    If you haven't used before just google it & register the search using the criteria you gave:

    Marriages Sullivan William Geary Margaret 1823 + - 5 Cork only checked and you'll get it. 

    rootsireland is a pay site so the record will cost (but there's a sale on at the moment)



    Thursday 19th September 2013, 07:24AM
  • Wonderful...I am very new to this geneology, but have my great grandfathers copies of marraige certificates from his family line back to William.  This is exciting good fun!  Thanks again for the info :)

    Thursday 19th September 2013, 05:36PM
  • Nothing good found on that website ( --it seems the entire family line disappears after my William Sullivan

    Friday 20th September 2013, 08:09AM
  • OK sorry - it usually has parents' names.

    If William was about 25 + - 5 when he married he would have been born in 1800 + - 5 years.

    I searched for births in Cork for William Sullivan in these years and got 6 matches - 1795, 1798, 3 X 1803 & 1804. I then searched for parish Youghal and it reduced from 6 to 2 - 1 in 1803 & 1 in 1804.



    Friday 20th September 2013, 11:11AM