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Barnane//Barnett and Donovan

I'm not sure how this website works but I will just my information out and see what happens.

I am looking for information on Florence Barnane/Barnett who married Mary Donovan.  The family lived in the Downeen area of Rosscarbery, County Cork.   Mary was born approximately 1840 - 1845.  Her death certificate says her father was Denis; however, I have found a marriage certificate for a Florence and Mary where it states her father was Timothy.  It's possible this is not the same Mary and Florence, but everything else fits.  I've given up on finding anything else about Florence Barnett but, what I would dearly love to learn is who Mary's parents were and the names of any of her siblings.

Mary and Florence had a number of children, starting December 1868 and I have the names of all but three of them.  Her children were not to have very long lives, as in 1910, only four were living and by 1923, only one was living.  In 1903, she emigrated to Boston, USA with three of her children, Nora, John and Katherine. One was deceased and another was living in Boston at the time.  That leaves five children that I cannot find anything on after their baptism--the three names I don't have and Daniel and Florence.




Thursday 11th September 2014, 01:17PM

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  • Valeria:

    Can I suggest that you visit which is a free Irish government site which has RC church records for the Diocese of Cork and Ross. I believe the parish you want is Rossalettiri and Kilkeraunmor (Roscarbery and Lisseyard)  There are many Donovans in that area and many Mary Donovan baptismal records. I located one for 1844 for a Mary born to Timothy Donovan and Ellen Malone. There could be other possible records for a Mary with a father Timothy.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell


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    Thursday 11th September 2014, 02:30PM
  • HI,

    Thanks for your reply. Don't know what I'm doing wrong  but I can find that entry.


    Thursday 11th September 2014, 11:49PM
  • Valeria:

    When you search for Mary Donovan 1844 Cork you get over 300 replies. There is a field where you can add an additional name. If you insert Malone in that field, you get the record.

    Keep in mind that this is a possible lead. I would search that church for the 1840-1845 period to see if other Mary Donovan's with a father Timothy pop up.


    Friday 12th September 2014, 04:44PM
  • Thanks Roger.  I have been looking for her parents for so loing now that I'm beginning to think her parentage will always be known as my "elusive Irish ancestors."



    Wednesday 29th October 2014, 11:52PM