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I am looking for the family of Francis Mahoney...she left Ireland on Golden Dream in 1862....for Toowoomba Queensland Australia.   She married Simon Eggerstedt in 1864 in Toowoomba  stating her parents were Timothy could be Thomas Mahoney Mother Mary O'Sullivan...she said she was from Co. Kerry she married in RC Church.   I think she was born 1837.....I dont know if there are descendants of the Mahoney  (Timothy & Mary) left in Ireland.   Any help would be appreciated...Regards  Jan Williams


Tuesday 29th Dec 2015, 09:03PM

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  • This looks like the baptism of your Frances - in Cork, rather than Kerry (the two counties border each other)

    Area - CORK & ROSS (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - SCHULL EAST

    Baptism of FRANCES MAHONY of N/R on 19 November 1837


    Further details in the record

    Child DenominationRCSponsor 1JAMES SULLIVANSponsor 2ANNE WHOOLLYRecorded Diocesan AreaCORK & ROSSRecorded Parochial AreaEAST SCHULL


    Here's the marriage of her parents:

    Area - CORK & ROSS (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - SCHULL EAST

    Marriage of THOMAS MAHONY of N/R and MARY SULLIVAN of N/R on 4 February 1837

    HusbandWifeNameTHOMAS MAHONYMARY SULLIVANAddressN/RN/ROccupationN/RN/RFatherN/RN/RMotherN/RN/R

    Further details in the record

    Recorded Diocesan AreaCORK & ROSSRecorded Parochial AreaEAST SCHULLHusband DenominationRCWife DenominationRCWitness 1JOHN BRIANWitness 3JAMES SULLIVAN


    Frances also had siblings Honoria 1847; Ellen 1842; Timothy 1839; Mary 1844; Margaret 1849; and John 1854.

    You can view the records at this free site

    Happy hunting!


    Tuesday 29th Dec 2015, 09:47PM


    Happy New Year dancer 1951...and man thanks for info sent....I knew it was the right person because she named some of her children after her siblings...She had 6 children here in Australia....4 survived.  3 I traced but the 4th not yet.  What is the name of the RC church that they were baptised and married in.....I dont understand sorry for my ignorance Parish etc etc.  Does N/R mean not registered?    

    I clicked on the church records link and dancer there were so many Mahony's and with the same name......confusing.......Do you think there may be Mahoinys at the church that belong to the family I'm looking for.   Tats why I ask for the church name I can maybe e-mail them to it could be published in a newsletter.    Thankyou so much again...Regards  Jan Williams







    Thursday 31st Dec 2015, 07:31AM
  • Hi there dancer 1951...I am wondering if you could bring me fwd on the siblings of Frances Mahony?  Did they marry & to whom and then did they have children?  I would love to think that there maybe a relative therein Ireland...but I need to come fwd for that.   I would do it myself...BUT there are Mahony's marrying Mahonys...names the same  I am confused...I am sorry. I do thankyou for any help you can give me....I went through the records that I have of Frances here...she had a short life which produced  7 children....4 of which survived....the girls I know of but not the boy........and it does state Co. Kerry is that close by that the family lived there but went to church in Schull East?    Thanks again   Jan




    Saturday 20th Feb 2016, 02:48AM

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