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My name is Tara. I live in New York, USA. My mother's family was from Clonakilty, Co. Cork. I've traced back to my gg on one side and ggg on the other side and am trying to go back further than online records that are available to me. I'm hoping someone local in the Clonakilty area will see this and know of family lineage.

Here is what I know:

My mother Audrey Nugent was born in 1941 in Massachusetts, USA. 

Her father John Nugent was born 16 September 1901 in Clonakilty to John Nugent b 1867 and Mary (b 1868 nee Donovan). Mary died in 1911 in childbirth, a few months after the census.

John and Mary had children Margaret (1893 in Surrey, England), Laurence (or Lawrence) 1895 in Clonakilty, Hannah 1897 Clonakilty  (she died at age 4), John 1901 (my grandfather), and Kathleen 1904 Clonakilty. The 1901 census lists them living on South Ring, Templeomalus. The 1911 census lists their home as Lackenduff, Templeomalus. Although birth records list the parish as Timoleague (is that different than Templeomalus?)

John and Mary were both born in Clonakilty. They were married in Surrey, England in 1893 and their daughter Margaret was born in Surrey in 1893. Based on the dates I've found, Mary was several months pregnant when they married, which I'm guessing is why they went to England. They returned to Clonakilty by 1895 because their next child, Laurence (Lawrence) was born in Clonakilty in 1895. 

John was born to Laurence Nugent (b 1821) and Honora Kirby (b 1826). Laurence and Honora also had children Thomas Nugent, Mary Nugent (married Patrick O'Mara), Margaret Nugent (married Denis Horrigan/Horgan), Cornelius Nugent (married Julia Donovan), and Michael Nugent. 

I don't have any further details of Laurence Nugent or Honora Kirby's parents. I do believe Honora had siblings John Kirby and Cornelius Kirby and one or both of them moved to Surrey, England.

Mary Donovan was born to Laurence Donovan (b 1845) and Margaret White.

Laurence Donovan was born to Denis Donovan and Margaret Cleary.

Margaret White was born to Richard White. I don't know her mother's name.

I'm really hoping to find out the following:

1) Any information on parent's names of Laurence Nugent 1821 and Honora KIrby 1826

2) parent's names of Denis Donovan and Margaret Cleary

3) parents of Margaret White (her father was Richard above but that's all I know)

4) and the most important: What happened to my grandfather's siblings Laurence Nugent, Margaret Nugent, and Kathleen Nugent? Laurence seems to have disappeared after the 1911 census when he was 16. I do remember my mother mentioning something about him being in the Irish Army and I believe the family lost contact with him or perhaps he died in battle? There is no mention of Margaret after the 1901 census. She would have been 18 at the 1911 census but she is not in the household and I could not locate a marriage or death record for her. Kathleen I believe immigrated to the USA around 1923 as my grandafhter immigrated to the USA in 1925 and his papers indicate he was going to stay with his sister Kathleen in Cinncinati, Ohio. Although I can only find immigration records for Catherine, not Kathleen in Ohio.

5) Of special note...Cornelius Nugent b1871- d1938 (brother of John Nugent, my great grandfather) married Julia Donovan (b1875- d1962). Julia also happened to be Mary Donovan's (my great grandmother) sister. So two brothers married two sisters. I don't know if this is significant to the time or gives any clues. Also, Cornelius and Julia had children Annie Nugent, Laurence Nugent (b 1898), Hannah Nugent (b 1901), and Mary Nugent (b 1905). Annie Nugent married John Lombard and they had at least one child Bridget Lombard born in 1938. Julia died in Clonakilty in 1962 and Bridget was the witness. So she was in Clonakilty as recently as 1962. There is a good chance Bridget at 82 years old is still alive or she has living children or grandchildren and they could still be in the Clonakilty area. I'd love to make contact with any cousins I may have there!

Sorry if this is many Laurences and Marys!


Thank you for your help,




Monday 18th May 2020, 03:38AM

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  • Hi Tara,

    Had a look at your message but no good news I'm afraid .

    The connections in America would be very difficult to trace unless the researcher is in America and well experienced. Much of the other information you are looking for falls within the last one hundred years where it is protected by the Data Protection legislation  (GDPR). I will look bu do not expect to find much

    Frank Fahy

    Friday 3rd Jul 2020, 06:17PM
  • Hi Tara,

    have you any information on siblings of Margaret White and a rough indication of the range of years in which she might have been born/baptised.

    Frank Fahy


    Frank Fahy

    Saturday 4th Jul 2020, 11:37AM

    . Hi Tara. 

    I have only just come across your post so please forgive me for replying late !!  

    Now, I have a John and Cornelius Kirby in my family tree  I have done the DNA and I wondered whether you had also done it .  The reason I ask is because I've got a dozen or so Tara's listed in the DNA for me and wondered whether one of them were you .  

    My family of Kirbys came from a townland called Shanaghobarravane in county Cork but later on and on various baptisms it is shorted to Shanagh . 

    If you think we are linked, please get in touch because I'd love to know more .   Regards. Marion Jones ( my mum was Margaret Kirby born in Croydon Surrey Uk ) 







    Saturday 22nd Aug 2020, 05:21PM
  • Hi Tara!

    My Family were Horgan/Horrigan from South Ring.
    I checked the 1901 census and the grandson was Timothy, that would have been Denis's father's name. 

    I'd be as clueless as you but if you'd like to reach out my email is



    Tuesday 23rd Jan 2024, 08:15AM

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