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I have a marriage for these two William Bell Ferguson (Age is full) & Elizabeth Ann Robinson (Age is full)) in  October 17th 1899 in Londonderry Guild Hall, but unable to go any further, father of William Bell is James (Farmer), father of Elizabeth Ann is William (Clerk). Any help would be very much appreciated.

Saturday 14th June 2014, 09:50AM

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  • What are the places of residence given for the bride & groom ?

    Might also be useful to locate this couple on the 1901 census to check counties of birth, and reported ages for the couple, and also check if there is any other family living or staying with them

    Names of witnesses from the marriage can also help sometimes.


    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 14th June 2014, 10:59AM
  • this appears to be the couple in 1901 living at Harding Street in the city. William's reported age is 29 (c1872) and he's a 'Flesher', wife Eliza Anne age  26 (c1875) and son William Archibald age 7 months, along with a lodger Sarah Robinson. The Ferguson family are Presbyterian and the parents are listed as born 'Co. Derry', the son as 'City of Derry'

    By 1911 William snr. appears to have died 1905 (BMD Index) and Eliza Anne along with William jnr. and younger sone Frederick and John Mitchell and have moved to the town of Buncrana, Co. Donegal.

    The most likely match for William snr's birth based on his full name on the BMD Index is the one in 1870 in Londonderry district. References are : Volume 7 / Page 242 if ordering a research cert from Roscommon. The same record should appear on the GRONI online system, where you could view a cert.

    A matching extracted civil record (page ref. is the same) of his birth appears on FamilySearch which shows parents as James Ferguson and Anna Ferguson. These records are extracts and dont include occupations or addresses, but a research cert or GRONI transcript or image should show the full details

    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 14th June 2014, 11:32AM
  • William Bell Ferguson Siblings I believe were, Mary Ann Abt1864, James Abt 1866, Robert John Abt 1867, David Abt 1872

    Could anyone please advise how to trace their birth place?, There father was a James, Mother was Hannah married at Glendermott Presbyterian Church 9th April 1861, I believe James was a farmer, and I assume most births would have been at home.

    William Bell was born 3 May 1870 at Gortierofs, Glendermott, Was Gortierofs a house or name of a farm?.


    Regards Roger Ferguson

    Wednesday 24th July 2019, 03:40AM
  • Here's a link to William's birth on the IrishGenealogy website, registration district is Londonderry, sub-district is Eglinton, parents names as mentioned in the earlier topic, father's occupation farmer. The place of birth and residence is "Gorticross, Glendermot" - Gorticross is the name of a townland (placename database) in Glendermot civil parish and located a short distance to the south east of Derry/Londonderry city.

    William's parents are James Ferguson and Anna/Ann Ferguson.

    births of the children you mentioned - all the links are to the free IrishGenealogy website :

    Mary Ann Ferguson, born 20th September 1864, same place of birth and residence as William.
    James Ferguson, born 24th  April 1866, born Gorticross, Glendermot
    Robert John Ferguson, born 20th November 1867 - also born Gorticross, Glendermot
    David Ferguson, born 4th April 1872, also born Gorticross, Glendermot

    There may have been other children born to the couple before the registration of birth started in 1864 - a search for baptisms would be required for these...

    p.s. there appears to be at several Ferguson/Ferguson couples in the county including at least one other couple with the same first and surnames in Moneymore sub-district, which is part of Magherafelt registration district - your Ferguson/Ferguson births are all Eglinton sub-district/Londonderry reg. district..

    shanew147, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 25th July 2019, 08:39AM