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I am trying to find information about James Wilson (b. circa 1844 in Creevedonnel, d. 1885 in Carnafarn) and Eliza Dunn (b. circa 1852 John Dunn/ Margaret Hanna) who both lived in Carnafarn.  James, a blacksmith, had a known brother, Robert, who emmigrated to Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1873 with his wife Eliza Jane Watson. Their father may have been William Wilson. 

Elizabeth Dunn (Wilson) is listed as still living in both the 1901 and 1911 census on Drumahoe Carnafarn with her daughter Eliza Jane Wilson (unmarried).  James and Eliza had 8 children together including Eliza Jane Wilson (b. 1875) who I believe might be my great grandmother.  My grandfather, James Wilson born 26 February 1894 and lists his mother as Eliza or Isa. Wilson.  I think that James might have been an illegitamate child as James Wilson died in 1885 and Eliza Dunn might have been too old to bear a child at that time.  I can not find any birth records for my grandfather born in 1894 that match the information that I have.  Nor can I find death records for either Eliza Dunn or her daughter Eliza Jane Wilson.  My grandfather, James (b. 1894) does not appear on 1901 or 1911 census.  He emmigrated to New York City in 1912.  He consistently states on papers that his mother was Eliza Wilson of Carnafarn and visted her several times in Carnafarn after he moved to NYC.  He also states that his father was James Wilson but I have proof that James Wilson died in 1885 so this is just not possible.

Any information about the Wilson family in Carnafarn, Clondermot Parish would be greatly appreciated.  I would like to solve the mystery of James Wilson's parentage.


Friday 14th July 2017, 08:37PM

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