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Cuthbert Family from Culmore

Looking for birth/baptismal records for several children of Robert Cuthbert who was a farmer from Culmore.  Fanny Cuthbert was born about 1827 and married William Thompson in 1850.  Sarah Elizabeth Cuthbert was also born about 1827 and married Luke Kirby in 1852.  Eliza Jane Cuthbert was born about 1835 and married Robert Porter in 1863.  David Cuthbert was born about 1836 and married Martha Major in 1877.  William James Cuthbert was born about 1840 and married Rachel Cuthbert in 1875.  Matilda Mary Cuthbert was born about 1843 and married William Carruthers in 1872.  There may have been additional children.

These folks were Presbyterian and most lived within a few miles of Derry City all of their lives.  Not sure if birth/baptismal records might exist or where they would be found.  Any help would be appreciated.




Monday 25th November 2013, 07:55PM

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  • Jim,

    I don?t see any Cuthbert households in Culmore in the 1831 census. However there was a Robert Cuthbert nearby in Clooney, in Clondermot parish. Possibly the same person and he moved sometime between 1831 and Griffiths Valuation?

    Presbyterians in Ireland don?t use the parish system, so which church they attended would have been a matter of personal preference. There were several in that area. However tradition was to marry in the bride?s church, so I?d be inclined to note which churches Fanny and her sisters married in, and then start your search with that churches records for baptisms etc.

    You can see what Presbyterian records exist in Derry on the PRONI website. The records themselves are not all on-line and you may need to make a personal visit to PRONI to search them all. Not all have records that go back to 1827.


    Robert appears to have died intestate in 1877. Est year of birth 1800.

    From the PRONI wills site: Full Abstract :

    Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Robert Cuthbert late of Culmore County Londonderry Farmer deceased who died 25 December 1877 at same place were granted at Londonderry to David Cuthbert of Coolkeeragh in said County Farmer the Son. (By Decree of County Court Judge.)             Effects ?299


    Ahoghill Antrim

    Monday 25th November 2013, 09:33PM
  • Hi Elwyn,

    Thanks again for some new information, suggestions and advice. I will follow up on these.  It is looking more and more like a visit to PRONI is in order but untill then we will have to make do with what we can find on line and continue to build up a list of things to research if we ever happen to make it back to the old country.

    Yes I have found most of these folks in the 1901 and 1911 census (when still living) and several Will abstracts and also potential civil records for marriages and deaths and births for their children.  My hope is to find some more evidence that would further substanciate that they are all related to the same Robert Cuthbert.

    Take care.



    Tuesday 26th November 2013, 06:37PM