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I am researching the Moore family from Donegal / Tyrone.

James Moore (farmer) married Jane Kerr ( Carr) abt 1820-1830. I cannot find a record.

Children:  Alexander born Stranorlar Co. Donegal 1825 or 1831 . His  Marriage Cert  1862 (Victoria Australia) lists age as 37 or 31. He died in Victoria 1900 age 75.

Martha was born in  Co. Tyrone 1835. She emigrated to Australia in Feb 1858 age 23. On the "Chancelor" with her was a Sylvester Moore age 17. The only Sylvester we can find records for in Australia have him born in 1838 to Parents Robert and Margaret Moore as shown on his death record, so they may be related, but not siblings.

I cannot find records of their births. They are not Catholic. Probably Presbyterian.

In the Griffiths Valuation I have seen a James Moore had 35 acres in Glencash in 1858

In the Tithe Applotment Book in 1830 a James Moore was listed in Scotch Cappray, Parish Stranorlar.

I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions of where to look.

We are visiting Ireland in September and I would love to know more of where they came from before then.





Saturday 25th Mar 2017, 05:34AM

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  • Maureen,

    There may be 2 reasons why you can’t find the Moore/Carr marriage in 1820-30. One is that the records are not on-line. The other is that they don’t exist, having either been lost or, occasionally, never kept in the first place.

    If Alexander was born in Stranorlar and was either Presbyterian or Church of Ireland then the good news is that there are baptism records for that period. The Presbyterian baptism records start in 1821 (marriages only from 1846). The Church of Ireland baptism records start in 1802 (marriages 1821). There’s copies of both sets of records in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. A personal visit is required to view them. They are free to view.

    Farmers tended to stay put. There’s not a lot of sense in putting your energies into improving land and then moving every few years. So it’s odd that one child was born in Stranorlar and the other some distance away in Tyrone. However perhaps the mother was visiting at the time of the birth.

    Farmers should normally appear in both the tithes and Griffiths (assuming they were alive of course). The tithes for Tyrone are not on the NLI site. They are on this link but you have to search parish by parish.

    Or you can search by surname in PRONI (if you go in person). They have them sorted alphabetically there.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 25th Mar 2017, 08:40AM
  • Hello Maureen,

    My GGreat Grandfather was a john moore.He had ties to both Stranalor and Clonleigh. He was born approx 1861 and married Mary Ann Stewart 1865-1892. His wife died after her 4th child and the children were brought up by his sister Mary Ann Moore.

    John and his wife had four children JOhn 1883 - Martha (my grandmother) 1885 - Mary Ann  & Caoline Stewart Moore 1890-1930. Caoline was a dressmaker and also served the red cross in the 1st world war.  She died in Stranorlar  John jnr may have married a Rebecca HUnter but am not sure! 

    John was a gardener and was married in Strabane, lived in Londonderry and became a land steward and lived at Clonleigh House.  the farm was owned by a Rev Knox.  Seems he didnot own any land but I feel he must have had some idea of farming.

    The family seemed to have been Anglican though my Grandparents were strict Presbyterian and emigrated to NZ in 1925.

    I did find Clonleigh House whilst I was in Derry - it is now a ruin having been burnt down but definitely same place as my photos.

    I cannot find where John Moore is buried or any more info on his sister who was older.  Did find his will which left his assets to his sister.

    I think there might have been a sister Maggie as I have photo of her at Clonleigh house but again not sure.

    Maybe this might help you in your search.  If I can help any further please let me know

    CheersCarol MUrphy

    Carol Murphy

    Saturday 15th Apr 2017, 09:35PM

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