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Looking for information based on the following information

John McConnigly married Ann Friel on the 5th February 1849 at Clondavadogg RC Parish Church as shown on the Donegal Geneology Resources Website. Both had died by 1900 as shown on Francis's death Certificate.

John was a farmer and I know they had three children.

Bernard born 20.1.1850 Tawney, married Margaret Coyle on the 26th Feb 1876 Tawney, as shown on their children's birth records. They are found in Scotland in 1879.

Francis born 11th Feb 1855 Tawney. He married 1876 in Scotland

Mary born 28th Nov 1857.

Any information concerning this family would be greatly appreciated as I don't know how to move forwards or backwards with this information.




Wednesday 16th January 2013, 10:03PM

Message Board Replies

  • Hi Helen, 

    Have you tried contacting the Donegal Library service.

    They are very helpful in the libaray.  The link I gave you shows the collection they have with regards to Donegal.

    The name McConnigly is still in the area but I'm not sure how it is spelled.  I will ask about for you and let you know if I find anything out.






    Sunday 24th February 2013, 06:03PM
  • Hi Eimer

    Thank you very much for your reply and for the link to the Library.  I will certainly given them a try.  Hopefully one day in the near future I can travel to Ireland to do some hands-on research.

    When in Scotland my family's name became McGonigle.  I have been looking through the Griffiths Valuation recently and note both McConnigley and McGonigle.  Things can get very complicated can't they.

    Bernard's Grandson Patrick (my Grandfather) married Mary Magee from Limavady.  I have noted that there were a number of McGonigle's in Newtownlimavady both during the time of the Griffiths Valuation and the 1901/1911 Census.  As Mary can be found in Limavady on the 1911 census I wonder if there is a connection to those McGongles as well.  Only time will tell (hopefully)

    Many thanks




    Monday 25th February 2013, 10:13PM