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How to find death date and burial location my grandfather from Glencolmkille.

9-Mar-20 17:31
Ireland XO Community, Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 3 I have done that today!  Thank
by Reddington 10-Mar-20 22:45

Byrne/Haughey Families

13-Jul-19 22:32
Ireland XO Community, Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 4 Hi Laura:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 15-Jul-19 13:41

Glencolmcille Genealogy & History on Facebook

8-Aug-18 0:38
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 1

Gara / O'Gara Family

14-Mar-18 14:54
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 3 There was a James Gara married to a
by Joe O'Gara 21-Mar-18 21:57

McNelis/Carr Gelncolumbkille

21-Apr-17 12:44
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 7 Hi Joe O'Gara,
by Blissfully_Irish 1-May-18 18:01

Bridget (Bridie) Curran

17-Feb-17 17:48
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 8 Paul:
by Castlemore Roscommon 21-Feb-17 22:26

Mckees and Blaines

30-Dec-16 19:33
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 11 Elwyn and Cordangan,
by Deb 14-Aug-18 17:01

The Volunteers in Glencolmcille

25-Dec-16 4:24
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 7 Hi Ken, 
by Pboyle50 8-Aug-19 23:36

Information Regarding James Patrick Curran - Died in Accident at St. Columba's Cashel

19-Dec-16 6:35
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 2 Ken:
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Dec-16 16:04

Location of Father James McDyer

22-Nov-16 22:52
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 7 AH excellent. Please consider also
by ktillotsonjr 25-Nov-16 14:27

Decorating Graves with Pebbles

26-Oct-16 3:32
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 2 Hi again
by Clare Doyle 28-Oct-16 10:42

Population of Glencolumbkille

20-Oct-16 2:53
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 3 Hi
by Clare Doyle 20-Oct-16 7:39

Curran's of House 6 Braade Upper

18-Oct-16 15:57
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 60 Hello and hope you don't mind me
by Amy 7-Aug-19 10:01

McGinley / Gavigan

5-Sep-14 21:53
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 5 Hi Katelyn
by Blissfully_Irish 14-May-15 22:34

Looking for more information on McGinley family

13-Sep-13 15:27
Glencolumbkille (Donegal) 2 Response
by Emma Carty 23-Sep-13 12:51