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Bridget (Bridie) Curran

Hello out there, Bridget Curran was born at no 8 Braade Upper probably in 1907. She would have been the eldest surviving child of Hugh and Margaret my grandparents and is known to have emigrated to the USA though I can't say from which port nor when. No information is available to me, since she was never heard from again. Maybe she died, maybe she couldn't afford the postage for a letter, or maybe she couldn't read or write. I may never know, but she would have been my eldest aunt from Glen. It would just be nice to know if she made good or not as the case may be. Anyone out there got a link to a Bridget who might just fit the bill?


Friday 17th February 2017, 05:48PM

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  • Paul:

    Welcome back to IRO!

    I know you have been involved with messages from other Curran researchers for Glencolumbkille. I looked for civil birth records for Bridget Currans in the Glenties registration district and found this 1906 record for a Bridget in Braade. Possibly this is your aunt's record.

    I know you don't have much infornation but possibly might yield some clues.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 17th February 2017, 06:32PM
  • Paul I was just about to refer you to the "Curran's of Braade Upper" to look for Paul's post regarding house 8 but I believe you are both Paul's? 


    Friday 17th February 2017, 07:41PM
  • Roger and Ken, thanks for contributing. Roger how on earth did you. One up with the birth record of my Aunt Bridget so quickly?  Ken I follow any posts you make due to your family being neighbours of mine. My best wishes to you both,Paul.


    Friday 17th February 2017, 07:58PM
  • Roger, that should have said, How on earth did you come up with the birth record etc etc. Excitement got the better of me!


    Friday 17th February 2017, 09:35PM
  • Paul:

    Have you been using  This is a free Irish government site which has the images of civil birth records from 1864-1915, marriages from 1882- into the 1900s and deaths from 1891-into the 1900s. For marriages for 1864-1881 and deaths 1864-1890 you just get the index record. Same with births post 1915.

    I knew the registration district and searched for Bridget Curran births for a span of time like 1904-1910 and found the record which showed Braade.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Sunday 19th February 2017, 08:32PM
  • Hello Roger, yes I am using their site, it is really good. I've been very succesful doing the searches as you suggest. I am however very disappointed at being unable to find a record for my father Patrick Joseph Curran birth 27/011913 and an Aunt Anne Curran 07/11/1907 I have their birth dates from my fathers Birth and Baptism certificate and my Aunts from her English death certificate. If you come across anything, I have no doubt you will post it. Good communicating with you, Best wishes, Paul.



    Monday 20th February 2017, 09:07PM
  • Paul:

    No luck with the two records.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 21st February 2017, 10:26PM
  • Paul,

    Bridget Curran passenger to USA - a possible connection?



    Friday 17th April 2020, 09:16PM

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