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McNelis/Carr Gelncolumbkille

Hello, I recently loctaed a birth record of John Carr, son of Margaret McNelis and Michael Carr, born 30 April 1876, The father, Michael Carr, birthplace listed as Meenaneary, Donegal. The birth record was recorded in Glenties, possibly Iniskeel Parish? I believe John and his mother came to PA in the late 1880's, not sure about Michael. Are there any marriage records available for 1870"s? I am trying to make a connection to my John McNelis line  thinking she is the sister listed in his obit as Mrs Michael Carr. 





Ohio/ Daly/McNellis/Berry/McNamara

Friday 21st April 2017, 12:44PM

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  • There’s marriage registered in Glenties 1874  Vol 2, page 140. On that page are Michael Carr & Margaret Manelis. Suspect that may be your couple. Rootsireland may have a transcript of the marriage on-line or you can order a copy of the original from GRO Roscommon. You can order a photocopy of the civil certificate from GRO Roscommon for €4 (euros).

    You have to download and print off the form. Then either post or fax it back to them. You can’t e-mail your order to them. However if you want them to e-mail the cert to back to you, they will do that, so tick the relevant box. 


    Friday 21st April 2017, 04:31PM
  • Meenaneary townland is actually in Glencolumbkille civil parish. Below are the 1901 and 1911 census records for the family and John was still in Ireland as of March 31, 1901. It was difficult finding the 1901 record becuae the National Archives transcribers misspelled Meenaneary and then Michael listed his surname as Carre. Michael died on August 18, 1904 from bronchitis. See third link. You will need to sign-in to see the record. The 1911 record also shows how many cheiclren Margaret/Maggie had looks like 12 and 8 or 9 were living in 1911.

    Margaret died May 24, 1924. See below.

    Finally, I went on Roots Ireland as Elwyn suggested and found the 1874 marriage record. A transcription is below. The record shows the names of the fathers of the bride and groom.

    Date of Marriage:05-Feb-1874
    Parish / District:CARRICK
    County:Co. Donegal 
    Husband  MichaelCarr Address Meenaneary
    Wife MargaretManelisAddress:Curris

    Husband Age:30
    Wife Age 25

    Husband's Father  :MorganCarr
    Wife's Father JohnManelis

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 21st April 2017, 05:39PM
  • Thank you for your help. My head always spins when all the names are repeated generation after generation. Here is what I do know from the obit of my John McNelis of Donegal: (Three living siblings were named.)

    John was born 1834 immigrated to US abt 1854 married a Mary Bridgit McNamara in 1858 in Xenia, Ohio and died thre in 1909. His brother Patrick McNelis born 1842 immigrated abt 1860 married Bridgit Gillespie in 1864 in Xenia Ohio and died there in 1907. Another brother Daniel born 1850, immigrated 1870 married Catherine Farrell in 1884 Minnesota and died there 1940. A sister was alive in 1909 and was named Mrs Michael Carr who was living in Schuylkill, PA  when her brother died. So I am thinking we have a differant Mrs. Michel Carr /McNelis? But  I DID find a birth of a John Carr on 30 April 1876 in Meenaneary, parents Michael Carr and Margaret McNelis. I DID find a John Carr with same birth year living in Philadelphia PA in 1910. No luck of finding Margaret in an obit, etc.

    Also in the obit it stated that a brother Andrew McNelis was living in Ireland, in 1909. The name of Andrew is not all that common so one Andrew McNelis I found was Roman Catholic Rev McNelis, Parish Priest of Kilcar who died Feb 27, 1906. There was also an Andrew Mc Nelis in the 1834 tax assesments who lived in Kilrean, Killybegs. I was told Glencolumbkill was where thay came from since my moms cousin went there and visited with relatives back in the late 1900. But little good with no written records. Any ideas where to go next? Is there a great library with local records in Donegal that I could go to? Or the local parish priest? Will be in Donegal next week!! Thank you for al your help




    Ohio/ Daly/McNellis/Berry/McNamara

    Tuesday 25th April 2017, 02:21AM
  • Hi 


    Happy to read you are visiting us next week ! 
    Curris where Margaret McNelis is from is in Kilcar . You will pass by it as you drive from Killybegs to Carrick . When you cross over the bridge in Carrick you take a sharp right for the road to Meenanary . 

    The Parish priest for the parish of Glencolmcille , which covers Meenanary can be contacted at the church in Carrick-  .The graveyard is attached to the church in Carrick . The folk village in Glencolmcille and the local history group based at are worth visiting 

    The nearest archives are based in Lifford and local studies in  Letterkenny


    A browse through our local website will help you plan your visit



    Friday 28th April 2017, 12:19AM
  • My great grandfather Hugh O'Gara was married to a Bridget McNelis [born 1831/35].They came from Braade Lower, Glencolumbkille.I think Meenaneary is close to here ?

    Bridget had brothers called John and Andrew .Her sisters were Mary and Ann.Their parents were John McNelis born 1802 [from Ballard, Glencolumbkille] and Mary Curran [from Braade Upper, Glencolumbkille].

    I'm not sure if this is your family, McNelis is quite common.Hope it is of some help

                                                              Joe O'Gara

    Joe O'Gara

    Sunday 25th March 2018, 01:29PM
  • Hi Joe O'Gara,

    I just saw the message you posted and the names jumped out at me! I have been working on the history and genealogy off and on. My Mother was born and raised in Drim, Glencolumbkille and came to the States in the early 1950's. She passed away at an early age and never got back to Glencolumbkille. It took me a very long time to find the family after her passing. I have quite a bit on her maternal side but really have been trying to put together her paternal side. Most of what I have found has been thanks to a cousin in New York.

    My great, great grandfather was Maolsheachlainn (Lanty) McNelis  (1811 - 1883) and the younger brother to John McNelis. I know that there are connections to Ballard and Braade Upper and Lower I believe.

    Kathleen Laughman




    Tuesday 1st May 2018, 06:01PM