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The Volunteers in Glencolmcille

Hello, and Merry Christmas! I recently found an article from the Donegal News in 1957 announcing the death of my great aunt Brigid Curran in Philadelphia. In the article it states she comes from a patriotic family as her brothers Hugh (my grandfather) and John served in the volunteers. Does any information exist on the volunteers in Glencolmcille? John was born in 1897 and Hugh was born in 1898. Hugh came to America in 1927. From what I gather ( volunteers existed between 1913 and 1922. 


Sunday 25th December 2016, 04:24AM

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  • I was able to find out that Volunteers from Glencolmcille were in the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Northern Division, (RO 372) D Company. Attached is a list of Volunteers in 1922 eligible for pensions. 


    Monday 26th December 2016, 03:11AM

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  • You might find further info on site 



    Monday 2nd January 2017, 11:25PM
  • Such great information Ken! Thank you for posting it!



    Tuesday 3rd January 2017, 06:27PM
  • Sorry to pile onto this post, but @ktillotsonjr, I'm really intrigued by that list of volunteers you have - at least three of my relatives are on it, including the commander. Can I ask where you got it? Tried searching the military service pension collection and I can't make heads nor tales of it.


    Wednesday 7th August 2019, 09:50AM
  • ktillotsonjr

    Thursday 8th August 2019, 07:40AM
  • Hi Ken, 

    I missed this originally. 

    I have two grand-uncles on this list. 

    Thanks for posting. 



    Thursday 8th August 2019, 11:36PM