Wednesday, 2 November, 2016
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Folk Village Museum

The local Folk Museum, also know as Fr. McDyer's Museum is a great place for adults and children as it brings to life in a very real way the folklife of the parish. There a thatched cottage has been built, showing how people lived in cluster settlements. This 'living' Museum shows how people of the area lived, cooked, worked and socialised. Music and song were a major part of life and was a way to celebrate life, even though times were very hard. 

Schools' Folklore Project

We are very lucky that the Schools' Folklore material is now available online for Co. Donegal. Recorded between 1937 and 1938 as part of the work of the Folklore Commission, the stories, folklore and ways of life now lost to the area have been preserved. The original copy books where national school children wrote their stories (having interviewed  parents, grandparents and older members of the parish) are available to the public in University College Dublin. Now, at the website shown below, the details are available online and can be viewed from anywhere in the world! In the Collection, the name of the school, teacher, interviewer and interviewee are given and so they are also a great source of family and local history.

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