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Rose family, possibly from Fanaghans


I'm searching for Jack Rose and Mary Welch, possibly of Fanaghans, Inver circa 1830's. They had a daughter, Mary, who left for the US in the 1850s and eventually married Charles McCallig, of Donegal. Charles and Mary lived in a very small mining town in Pennsylvania with other Rose members Thomas and Sarah (Sarah married Hugh Robert Gillespie, possibly of Inver). This makes me believe that Mary Rose was the sister of Thomas and Sarah Rose. Would love to know for sure...and to know if Mary Rose was indeed from Fanaghans.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Thursday 16th June 2016, 03:41PM

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  • phabphour:

    Hello again!

    If your Rose family was RC then records will not be available since Inver records do not start until 1861. I did locate the 1857 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing and there were a number of Rose records including a Unity in Fanaghans. Unity was a female name and I'm not sure of her connection. There was a John Rose listed in Inver Glebe townland.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 16th June 2016, 07:03PM
  • Thank you! I will check the records out while I'm Inver!


    Friday 17th June 2016, 08:27PM