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Searching for Donegal relatives of my, John William Hardy born 1808 and Mary Leiper/Leeper born c1805.  John was born at Welshtown; Mary was born at Meenahorna.  John had a brother James Hardy who married Mary's sister, Sarah.  Mary and Sarah's parents were James Leiper/Leeper and Nancy Hannahy. John and Mary immigrated to Australia with their younger children on the Parsee, arriving in  January, 1853.  Their three older children, Ann, John and James travelled on the Beejapore.  I have successfully researched their descendants in Australia and would like to know if there are living relatives in Donegal.

Marguerita Mahon

Wednesday 9th January 2013, 04:32AM

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    Emma Carty

    Wednesday 6th March 2013, 12:19PM
  • Hi MD Mahon my Great Grandfather Robert Hardy was a brother to your ancestor Matilda, I too have a good deal if information about the Hardy side of our family and would be interested to see if you have had any luck getting back any further than John William Hardy's line in Donegal, Cheers Michael

    Michael Moore

    Saturday 30th May 2020, 03:14AM
  • Hello Michael, thank you for responding to my message re Hardy family. I presume your Robert Hardy is Robert John Hardy born in 1876 as Matilda and Robert's father was also Robert (Robert William, bn 1847). Robert William's father was John William and his father was Joseph.  I was told that Joseph migrated to Donegal from Scotland married Mary and had three sons, John bn. 1808 (our ancestor), James and Thomas. At least John and James are on record.  John was a wheelright according to shipping records. James remained in Donegal but his son, also John, migrated to Australia and settled here. You may contact me direct if you wish at   I live in Australia.  Perhaps you live here, too.

    Glad to hear from you, Regards,

    Marguerita Mahon.

    Marguerita Mahon

    Sunday 14th June 2020, 04:33AM