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Carrigan ancestry in Co.Tipperary < 1850

27-Apr-20 12:10
Ireland XO Community, All 3 Thank you, M/M McCoy for the
by Tayt Taylor 29-Apr-20 12:02

McKenney Family

20-Dec-19 15:13
Ireland XO Community, Leck (Donegal) 2 Hi Culbert, they sound really
by St Peters Louth 2-Jan-20 23:14

McLaughlin / Carlin / McFadden in Ballyboe / Carrygawley

7-Feb-18 10:43
Ireland XO Community, Leck (Donegal) 7
by Clondavaddog Donegal 18-Feb-18 22:55

Jane Culbert, c1793-1885, Corravaddy townland

16-Mar-17 17:29
Leck (Donegal) 2 Hello:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 16-Mar-17 22:12


20-Feb-16 22:09
Leck (Donegal) 3 Thank you
by Jan 21-Feb-16 19:59

Looking for field family burial cemetry

22-Jun-15 17:46
Leck (Donegal) 2 You could try writing to the Church
by Elwyn 22-Jun-15 23:18

Daniel Durneen / Durning

16-May-15 2:17
Leck (Donegal) 3 Daniel Dureen
by kitzkamp 16-May-15 13:41

PEARSON clan: Woodpark/Oldtown/Lismonaghan

1-Feb-15 4:31
Leck (Donegal) 4 There is a small townland called
by Elwyn 30-Jul-17 7:18

Leck (Donegal)

10-Nov-14 13:13
Leck (Donegal) 2 Leck
by Ahoghill Antrim 10-Nov-14 16:13


8-Nov-14 9:53
Leck (Donegal) 2 Bonner
by Ahoghill Antrim 8-Nov-14 11:01

Collins/Diver/Lewis - Donegal/Letterkenny

18-Apr-14 14:19
Leck (Donegal) 4 Thanks for the information!
by MPBullock 18-Apr-14 19:25

Researching Elliott Family

25-Jan-14 12:09
Leck (Donegal) 3 Elliott Family
by gilelliott 28-Jun-14 14:36

Looking for Mortland

26-Nov-13 9:06
Leck (Donegal) 2 Mortland & Orr
by Ahoghill Antrim 26-Nov-13 11:56

Nathaniel Wilson md Margaret McClintock

22-Oct-13 3:41
Leck (Donegal) 2 Wilson & McClintock
by Ahoghill Antrim 22-Oct-13 6:16

McGee/Herald of Correnagh

2-Sep-13 20:01
Leck (Donegal) 2 With regard to the place name
by Ahoghill Antrim 2-Sep-13 22:10