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Hello, is there anyone on here currently connected to Malin Head?  I’m searching for a cousin called Grace Ann Doherty (her married name). She lived in Toome, Fanad as a child with other family members, Mary Ann Gallagher and Biddy McGinley, as her own mother had sadly passed away. She would be in her early 60s now. She married a John Doherty from Culdaff. I recently met our other cousins, Gallagher/Barkers from Toome/Ballyhenny and they were able to confirm she was the little girl standing next to me in a photo taken in Toome in 1969. Would love to re-connect and build up that side of my tree. Thank you Kathy Scott

Kathy Scott

Wednesday 14th Sep 2022, 08:08PM

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  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Sep 2022, 08:40PM
  • Thank you for this. I now have the details from the Ireland XO volunteer so I can contact Grace Ann. I am very grateful to all for all the help. Kathy

    Kathy Scott

    Tuesday 20th Sep 2022, 03:20AM
  • Did you make progress on this search.

    I am a close relative of Grace Ann and happy to extend you research.


    Friday 31st Mar 2023, 09:21AM
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    To Sheascan, hello and thank you so much. I did speak to Grace Ann on the phone when I was in Ireland last year (but too far away from her at the time). And from the information she gave me I have tracked a bit of her family, but still not sure of her link to my Gallaghers and my Uncle Charlie McGinley.  She hadn't received the photos I had passed onto another local person via email at that point either. I'm hoping she has them now. I have attached a copy for you here. I did tried to call her a few weeks ago but no reply. I would love to talk more and clarify our connection. My cousin was her uncle. He was also my uncle via marriage - Charlie McGinley.

    The photo was taken in June 1969 outside their house. From left to right 

    ??, Uncle Charlie, older lady at back, Auntie Katie McGinley (nee Gallagher my aunt), my mum Margaret Scott  (nee Gallagher) and the two little girls in the front, I am the one on the right, I don't know who the other little girl is. I thought it was Grace Ann, but realise now that she is older than me - I am 63. 

    The other thing I am trying to do is identify which of the unmarked graves in Fanavolty cemetery belong to my Great Aunt Mary McGinley (nee Gallagher) and my Great Uncle Jeremiah Gallagher. I have photos of some of the stones in the cemetery as I would like to put a plaque on their graves. Just in case you or Grace Ann can help me with that or her sister Breed. 

    Thank you so much. If it's easier for you, my email is






    Kathy Scott

    Saturday 1st Apr 2023, 08:44PM
  • Hello again sheascan, I’m hoping you see this…..I will be in Donegal 26/4-3/5 and am hoping to organise a trip to meet Grace Ann…….can you help? Would love to meet up with you too. 

    i have made contact with some other relatives who are able to show me which graves belong to my Great Aunt Mary McGinley (nee Gallagher) and Great Uncle Jeremiah Gallagher ( as per my first email).

    Kathy Scott

    Monday 22nd Apr 2024, 08:41AM

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