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Greetings. My 4th great-grandfather James Gardner arrived in Philadelphia from Derry in 1811, but that was all I had for a long time. I've since found a Y-DNA match on Family Tree DNA for another Gard(i)ner here in America who is a close match, and who has documented the location of his Gardiner family in and around Raphoe. 

I am very interested in find any Gard(i)ner men currently in the area who might be willing to take a Y-DNA test to make a local connection. Our Y-DNA is pretty rare in Ireland (the "N" haplogroup) and I can show the migration path using DNA from Ireland to SW Scotland to Norway to Finland.

Thank you in advance.

Paul Gardner

Shoreview Minnesota USA


Sunday 18th July 2021, 09:15PM

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  • Hi Paul,

    I have forwarded your query to our local partner who hopefully will be able to office some advice.

    Best wishes



    Friday 30th July 2021, 06:13PM
  • Thank you!



    Saturday 31st July 2021, 01:31AM
  • Hello Paul

    I have some suggestions that may assist your research:


    The Donegal Historical Society are a very active group and this is the webste details.

    Also the Donegal County Archivist is based in Lifford and covers the whole county, she may have further contacts for local Raphoe based groups:




    IrelandXO Volunteer Partner


    Bernadette Walsh, IrelandXO Partner

    Friday 6th August 2021, 09:34AM
  • Thank you kindly. I will follow up with your suggestions.

    Paul Gardner


    Saturday 7th August 2021, 03:06AM