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Seeking any information for my 3x-great-grandfather, David Elder, purportedly (from family lore) born c1775-ish in Dooish, Raymoghy Parish, who subsequently moved to "an inherited uncle's farm" in Balleyderowan townland, Upper Burnfoot, Burt Parish, both in County Donegal. His father's name may have been Moses Elder, but his grandfather was definitely Robert Elder of Balleyderowan, Templemore Parish, listed in the 1740 Inishowen returns.  David's sister is believed to be Rachel Elder, and she is believed to have married Allan Ramsay.

Doug Ross

Forestville, CT, USA


Sunday 7th May 2017, 10:42PM

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    I have a scan of a family tree which appears to reference your 3x Great Grandfather. I'm afraid it is scanned in two parts which don't quite overlap, but I can try and get a better copy at some point. 

    Monday 7th Sep 2020, 04:11PM
  • Thank you for this image.  I do have a copy of this chart, from which we originally derived our limited information.  Subsequently, with the assistance of a cousin in Lisburn, County Antrim, I have learned that David Elder had a land lease for a farm in Ballyboe Doois, acquired on the Marquis of Abercorn's estate in Plot IX in "Dowish" perhaps c1794-1797 subsequent to Moses Dun (Dunn), and thought to have been succeeded by William McKinley.  It is suggested that David Elder's removal from Ballyboe Doois may have been related to the very contested election of August 1797, whereby many tenants did note vote for the landlord's preferred candidates, Knox and Hamilton, versus "Mr Montgomery."  David Elder is next found with a land lease back in his ancestral Ballyderowan Townland, Burnfoot, Templemore/Burt Parish, that had formerly been occupied by his uncle, Moses Elder, thus substantiating the 1893 family tree notation.  It is now conjectured that he may have been the son of John Elder, brother to Moses Elder, for whom no descendants have yet been discerned, or possibly the son of an unmarried sister of John and Moses.  Curiously, in the 1857 Griffiths Valuation, a John Elder is enumerated in Milltown/Hilltown, a village not far from "Dooish", but it is not known if he is a direct relative or rather a descendant of David's grand-uncle, Andrew Elder, whose family relocated from Fahan, Burt Parish, to Roughan, All Saints Parish in the 1700s.

    Doug Ross



    Saturday 26th Dec 2020, 01:42PM

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