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My ancestor Daniel Boyle born c1800 was transported to Australia in 1831, after being convicted of rape. He was tried at the Donegal Assize on 31 March 1831 and all convict documentation lists his native place as Donegal.

In 1847, he applied to bring his family to Australia to join him - his wife was apparently dead by this time, but he requested that his children - Margaret c1824, Hugh c1826, Catherine c1828 and Daniel c1830 receive passage to Australia.

The various forms filled in at this time on his behalf listed their place of residence with varied spelling - I assume this would be because of his accent and not being able to read or write. Their place of residence is either Meamnachrevan or Meannackreven, Templecrone, Donegal.

The correspondence sent to Ireland to locate the children (who were by 1848 all adults) was forwarded to Rev Father Devitt in Dungloe. In 1848, a response was received stating that the "children could not be found and some could be dead".

Daniel later married in Australia and in the church register listed his parents as Fergal Boyle and Margaret Magee.

I would love to find out what happened to the children - did they all die young or did they emigrate elsewhere and are there any relatives still in this area?

As to the place name, I note there are no exact matches but similar names such as Meenacreevagh or Meenacharvy or Meenacreeve

any help or guidance would be gratefully received,




Saturday 20th July 2013, 11:11AM

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  • I have to say that if Father Devitt couldn?t locate the family in 1848, it will be tricky enough for anyone to find them now.

    With regard to the townland name, Meamnachrevan etc, townlands often had several names and spelling was rarely consistent and so these differences are not very unusual. Griffiths Valuation (1848 -1864) sought to bring some standardization to them but prior to that there were many variations. It?s probably safe to say that it was somewhere in Templecrone parish. Perhaps someone with local knowledge may be able to assist.

    The tithe applotment records (1828) will give you a list of townland names in Templecrone at that time. (Use the Browse facility and search under Donegal/Templecrone). You?ll see that there?s a load with question marks against them suggesting that the authorities have struggled to compile a comprehensive accurate list.

    Boyle is a very common surname in the area and the parish records (RC parish of Lettremacaward) don?t start till 1876 so there won?t be any help there.




    Saturday 20th July 2013, 02:24PM
  • Louise,

    I can help you out with the background information on Meenacrieve (sometimes spelled Meenacreeva), Donegal.  It's a townland in Templecrone Parish in an area called "The Rosses."  Meenacrieve is very close to Annagry.

    In the Irish Census, Meenacrieve people were listed under the townland of Meendernasloe.  My GF, Hugh O'Donnell, was born in Meenacrieve in 1861 and he emigrated to Wilkes-Barre, Pa, USA abt 1879.

    A wonderful site with plenty of genealogical information on Donegal is: Donegal Genealogical Resources and it's administered by Lindel Buckley of New Zealand.  Her ancestors came from Donegal.

    Here's another good site for help:  Lower Rosses/Gweedore History Discussion Forum on Facebook.  Once you join the group, you will be able to post your query and you'll find the members are most helpful and knowledgable.

    Good luck in all your searching.

    Tuesday 3rd September 2013, 07:36PM