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My great grandparents were Charles Lafferty and Catherine Harvey.  I just read in the Derry Journal of 1901 that a Catherine, the wife of the late Charles Lafferty, had just died and was to be buried in the Doneloop Burying Ground.  Find-a-Grave only lists five graves currently in the Doneloop Cemetery and none are Laffertys.  Does anyone know if the graves in Doneloop have been moved to another cemetery in the area?  Thanks  - Mike McDonald



Monday 4th January 2016, 07:59PM

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  • It could just be that she was buried without a gravestone. That's how the majority of burials were.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 4th January 2016, 08:11PM
  • Doneyloop Burying Ground


    Hello McDonaldMJ

    I have contributed to this cemetery and would confirm the records relate only to burials that FAG contributors have taken the time to add and not a full listing of all internments. As has previously been stated the expense of a headstone was often prohibitive and though a family plot may exist later burials could indeed have a headstone which would not automatically see the inclusion of earlier internments.

    A fuller list of burials you may find helpful :-'s_rc_cem.pdf

    P McG

    Tuesday 5th January 2016, 12:40AM
  • Dear P McG and Elwyn - thanks for your replies, and for thanks to P McG for all you have done to document the burials at St. Columba's Doneyloop.  I went through your attached listing and noted both Harveys and Laffertys, but not the ones I was looking for, unfortunately.  Its a rather depressing thought to think that my relatives may be buried there without a headstone.  I will go back to the drawing board and see if I can come at this a different way.  Thanks for your help!  Mike McDonald


    Wednesday 6th January 2016, 06:57PM
  • Malcolm Houston

    Wednesday 8th August 2018, 08:33AM