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Is anyone familiar with the Annseley Rent Papers? A guy by the name of Cliff Radcliffe gave me a bit of information for Armstrongs and Martins living in Legananny. I don't know if he's given me all the information available, or just what he found in his own research. We're distant cousins. I have quotes from him, but have never seen any of the records. I am wondering if copies can be made of these records and how extensive a comprehensive search would be to acquire all available records. There are several other surnames I could include in the research if the names are lists. What am need to know is if anyone is familiar with these rent papers and could give me an estimate of how much they might charge to research and make copies, assuming making copies is allowed. Thanks so much for all you volunteers do! We couldn't do it without you!!!

Here are the quotes:

"Annesley Estate Lease Nov 1762 for 3 lives, £13-6-7 per annum lessee John Armstrong, John Armstrong aged 23 and Robert Armstrong aged 10 or 18 (both sons) Holding No 1"

"Annesley Estate lease lessee Robert Martin (late heirs of Henry Mateer), lives on lease John Martin aged 16 years and Robert Martin aged 21 years sons of Robert Martin and Hugh Telford, Leitrim, aged 7"

I assume John Armstrong died in 1789 based on the freeholders records-my best guess is that the 2 holdings dated 15 June 1789 and 16 June 1789 are new Leases. Robert and John, with John taking over the original lease, as they are tied together.  I assume the 26 January 1789 date is shortly after, if not John Sr.'s death date. 

I assume John Armstrong Jr. was leasing to his nephew John Armstrong (Robert's son) and James Armstrong (Robert's son) was leasing from his father in 1813 based on Freeholders Records.

I assume John Armstrong Jr. died by 1818, as John Armstrong is leasing from his father Robert Armstrong in the 1818 Freeholders Records and James Armstrong has likely moved or died as Robert, son on the original lease is no longer sub-letting the property to him. 

According to Cliff Radcliffe, Robert's holding was taken over by son John: Quote "Holding taken over by son John (1825 Annesley Estate Rental record)"

Also, according to Cliff Radcliffe, Esther Armstrong, the widow of John Armstrong (Robert's Son) is holding the property from the original lease in the Griffiths Evaluation. This is how I know John Armstrong was Robert's Son and not John's, even though he married in 1791. I can only assume his wife was post menopausal at the time of their marriage, leaving no heirs.

The Martin lease is harder, and I have not yet been able to figure things out. 

Also wondering about the Registry of Deeds records and PRONI's general database for leases. What might be available there? 

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help with this. Thanks again for all you do!!!


Wednesday 15th Nov 2023, 02:39PM

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  • Thanks for this thread here. I don't know much about it. But I would like to learn more. Have a very good day!


    Thursday 16th Nov 2023, 11:12AM
  • Based on the freeholders' records, I presume John Armstrong died in 1789--my best estimate is that the two holdings dated 15 June 1789 and 16 June 1789 are new Leases.                                                           dordle


    Tuesday 21st Nov 2023, 01:44AM
  • Brad Martin,

    I am wondering about your interest. Is it in the rent papers, or the Martin family I mentioned? 


    Thursday 7th Dec 2023, 03:28AM

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