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Robert Armstrong and Mary Martin were married in Drumgooland Parish. 

I would like to transcribe this record, but can't read it all. Can anyone help me?

Was Mary from the same parish, or somewhere else? Leitrim, maybe? What are the words written right under this?

Did Robert give permission?

Who married them ? Beers ?

Mary was underage. Does anyone know what age would be considered full age? 

Thanks so much for all you do!! We couldn't do this without the help of all you wonderful volunteers!!!


Saturday 23rd Sep 2023, 04:00PM

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  • Cannot make out the whole record.

    Robt Armstrong of this parish and Sarah (?) Martin of same parish were married in this …. by licence of….with consent of …………. This sixteenth day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and …. (1841 is presumed from dates of surrounding events). By me ….. (illegible).

    This marriage was solemnized between us (both signatures).  In the presence of us: first name illegible Martin, second witness first name illegible Hart.

    Note: Sarah signed with a cross so it says “her mark” between “Sarah” & “Martin”.

    Age at which you could marry without consent then was 21. Earlier than that you needed parental consent, or that of a guardian.

    An extract from Drumgooland Vestry Book is available on-line on the JSTOR site. It is in an article written by H W Lett for the Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland Vol 9, no 81 (Oct 1889 – Jan 1890) pages 318 – 324. It mentions Rev J. A. Beers as being Rector or Curate at Drumgooland around 1821 (Page 323).


    Also on that page it says that the school in Leitrim townland is almost certainly where Patrick Bronte was educated. He went on to study at Cambridge and then became Rev Patrick Bronte, father of the 3 famous Bronte sisters and novelists (eg Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte). He was also tutor to the Tighe family. Rev Tighe was Rector of Drumgooland parish till 1821 when he died. (Page 324). Your ancestors probably went to school with Charlotte Bronte’s father. Worth a mention in any biography, I would have thought.



    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 23rd Sep 2023, 05:11PM

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