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February 2024 Compiled by Patricia Marlowe (with the help of many friends)

Genealogy Resources for Donaghmore Parish, County Down

Important Note: when searching records, keep in mind that there are other Donaghmore parishes in Ireland. All Donaghmore townlands are in the Barony of Upper Iveagh, upper half, except, Corgary and Drummiller townlands which are in the Barony of Lower Iveagh, upper half. All of Donaghmore parish is in the poor law union of Newry.

Land and Valuation Records (Census substitutes)

1782 and 1787 Freeholder Records for Ireland

Repository: Public Record office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Link to records: Enter only “Donaghmore” in the box labeled: Address of Freeholder and hit enter. Four results are given for Donaghmore, County Down. Three Entries for William Bradford for the year 1782 and one entry for Samuel Maffet. Clicking on Samuel Maffet, produces an original image and what appears to be six names associated with Donaghmore with the year 1787.

Freeholder Records

1803 Londonderry Estate Records for Donaghmore Parish.

PRONI Reference: D654/A/2/13

General livestock and agricultural census exist for each townland within the Parish of Donaghmore. It is worth looking at, if only to see what was produced in your townland compared to others, some townlands were producers of grain, other animals or turf cutting. Unlike most parishes which includes returns for each family, plus a list of men able to serve if called, Donaghmore is incomplete, only the townland of Ballylough has a list of names.

Repository: Public Record office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

Link to records:

Enter PRONI Reference Number in the PRONI REF: box and click search.

proni searchbox

1829 Tithe Applotment Record, Donaghmore, County Down Compiled between 1823-1837.

Regardless of religion, a tax on occupiers of agricultural land greater than 1 acre, to support the established church (Church of Ireland).

PRONI References:

  • FIN/5/A/108A
  • FIN/5/A/108B
  • FIN/5/A/108C

Most Donaghmore townlands are found in all three references, but presented in slightly different formats, check all three reference numbers. Names, number of acres occupied and value of the land is given.

Includes townlands: Aughnacaven, Ardkeragh [Ardkeiragh, Ardkeeragh], Ringclare, Ringolish, Cargoachbaun [Cargoachbawn, Cargochbawn], Bushkill [Buskill], Anaghbaun [Annaghbawn], Tullymurray [Tullymurry], Ringbaun [Ringbawn, Ringbane], Ballylough [Ballyblough, Ballyblaugh], Carrickrovaddy [Carrickovaddy, Carruavaddy], Ballybough, Lurganare [Lurganar, Lurgananare], Nockanarney [knockanarney], Drumiller [Drummiller], Corgary [Corgrea, Corgany?], Drumantine [Dromantine], Killysavin[Killysavane, Killysaven], Ballymacratty beg [Ballymacaratty bog], Ballymacrattymore [Ballymacarattymore], Derrycraw [Derracra], Tullymore, Augentubber [Aughintober], Moneymore [Minnymore, Minneymore], Maddydumbreste [Maddydumbrist, Maddydrumbrist]

Repository: Public Record office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

Link to records:

Additional Note: The tithes went to the Church of Ireland. Some occupiers who were of other religions refused to pay and this created a list of defaulters. No records online for Donaghmore at this time.

For a quick easy check of the above record, consult the: 1829 Tithe Applotment Book Index for Donaghmore Parish

Note: This is a list of names only.

Website: Irish Genealogy Hub

Link to Record:

1836 Valuation Office books

Field Books, House books, Tenure Books & Quatro Books. There are 56 entries for Donaghmore parish, County Down.

Repository: The National Archives of Ireland 3

Link to records:

Note: there is 56 records for Donaghmore parish

1847-1864 Griffith’s Valuation or Primary Valuation of Ireland

A valuation on agricultural and built property. Tenants with holding valued below 5 pounds were exempt, but their landlord was responsible to pay. Includes Links to the Valuation maps.

Website: Ask about Ireland

Link to records:

1866-1919 Valuation Revision Books

Repository: Public Record office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

PRONI Reference: VAL/12/B/22

Link to records:

1831-1856 Valuation Field office books for Donaghmore (1836)

Repository: Family search

Link to records: Search screen

In the Place box enter: Donaghmore, County Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Note: These records are the same as the 1836 Valuation Office Books. In some cases the images are a little clearer.

1911 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, 1910 to 1911

1911 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during November 1910 to December 1911.

Repository: Internet Archive

Description: Sarah Corry Estate for the townlands of Aughintober, Maddydrumbrist, Moneymore, page 439

Link to records:

Irish Registry of Deeds

Registry of Deeds Records

Website: Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland

There are currently 115 Deed transcriptions completed for names in Donaghmore parish (as of Jan, 2024).

Link to transcriptions:

Registry of Deeds

The database will respond with the number of records transcribed. Click OK to see these records. Links to original images are available.

These 115 transcriptions for Donaghmore Parish are just a small fraction of available deeds. To search for deeds that have not been indexed, click on the heading Familysearch Navigational Aids. You can search by Grantor or Townland. For hints and guides to understanding Deed Records, see the tab Guides or click on the link: When you are finished searching take the time to complete the transcription form for your ancestor (or just select a random individual), complete a form and submit. Every transcription helps the data base grow! The deeds contain more information than what you would expect. As an example a 1766 Deed mentions a father’s will and a marriage article for Dawsons of Ballymacratty, Donaghamore, surnames include Dawson and Skefflington, see the entry in The Silver bowl (another excellent genealogical site) at: or check for updates and other indexes at:

Court Records

1827-1833 Civil Bill Ejectments entered for trial in County Down

Website: Raymond’s County Down

Website Link to records:

Description: Click on the enter box and scroll down to List of Civil Bill Ejectments. There is a searchable name index at the top followed by the court abstracts. There are approximately 10 records mentioning Donaghmore Parish. A great deal of information is included in the typed court abstracts. Some of the names for Donaghmore parish include:


  • John Stewart/Sarah O'Hare
  • Arthur Ennis/Patrick O'Hare
  • William G. Scott/ John Cambell
  • Eliza Darby/Sarah Eager 
  • John Marshall/John Cranny 
  • John Martin/Alexander Martin 
  • Hon. Robert Meade/ William Cunningham & 5 others 
  • Elizabeth Darby/Sarah Agar

Occupations and Farmers

1796 flax Growers List for County Down

Website: Fáilte Romhat Description: There are 10 Flax growers listed for Donaghmore parish. Sometimes called the Spinning wheel list, the list covers some 60,000 individuals across Ireland in 1796. For a short description of why the list was created see:

Link to records:

Church Records

Donaghmore Churches

Description: Overview of all the Churches in Donaghmore Parish, location, date of commencement, Records, etc.

Website: Ros Davies' Co. Down, Northern Ireland Family History Research Site

Link to records:, and directly to Donaghmore churches at: and references to at:

Donaghmore Presbyterian Church Records

Baptisms 1804-1900 and Marriages 1846-1900. Transcribed by Suzanne Ballard.

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine. Use the links on the left side of the page to scroll through the contents. There is a wealth of information captured at this site: family information, Church records, Church wardens, Church elders, gravestones, vestry minutes, Donaghmore schools, Ordnance Survey Memoirs and much more!

Link to Records:

Glascar Presbyterian Church Records, Glaskermore, Donaghmore

Baptism 1780-1818, Marriages 1781-1799. Provided in cooperation with Marjorie Harshaw Robie and Suzanne Ballard, permission by local Church minister Rev. Orr.

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine

Link to Record: donaghmore1/donaghmore/glascarprch.html

Fourtowns Presbyterian Church (History), Ballymacratty, Donaghmore

Website: Poyntzpass and District Local History Society

Fourtowns Presbyterian Church by Griffith Wylie, 1988. Before I forget… Issue 2 1988, Journal of the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society. For a list of Headstone inscriptions, see link under Headstones & Graveyard Inscriptions. 7

Link to Record: 1988?term=Fourtowns%20presbyterian.

Donaghmore Catholic Church Records

Description: Marriage Records 1825–1881 (start at Image 7), Baptism Records 1835–1880 (start at image 46), Funeral Home Records 1840–1871 (start at image 122).

Repository: Family Search

Link to Record:

Note: Records on this film are very faint and some pages are almost illegible. See link below.

Alternate Link with Catholic Dioceses Map Description:

This site is identical to the one above, but the image quality is much improved. Coverage is described as:

Marriages 02 Sep. 1825 to 30 Nov. 1882, baptisms 30 May, 1835 to 22 Jul, 1874; 30 Sep, 1871 to 20 Dec, 1880 and funerals 17 Oct, 1840 to 27 Jul, 1871.

Repository: National Library of Ireland (NHL) Catholic Parish Registers

Link To Record:

1848 List of all the Catholic families living in Donaghmore

The House That Martin Built: The Building of Glenn Parochial House. J. J. Sands. 1993.

Description: The appendix includes a list of 233 names created by Father Ryan in 1848, of every Catholic householder in Donaghmore, listed by townland. There is also a list of contributors to the construction of the new parochial house. Journal: "Before I Forget...":

Journal of the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society, No. 6 (Mar., 1993), pp. 27-41 (15 pages).

Link to Record:

Note: You will need to sign up for a free JSTOR account. It is well worth it. There are many useful, well documented articles. There is no charge to read 100 articles/books free a month.

Dongahmore Church of Ireland History & Ministry

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine

Link to Record: donaghmore1/donaghmore/cofihistory.html

Church Locations

Church Locations If you are unable to find your ancestors in one church, check for the next closest church. To view where churches were located for all denominations check the map view at the link below. The map is set to within 5 miles of Donaghmore, but you can change the distance in the settings at the top. Typically this was within 10 miles. Clicking on a coloured pin (church) or square (cemetery) will give you the associated name. Scroll down for a key to the denomination colours.

Website: GENUKI

Link to Map:

Guide to Church Records held at PRONI, 2018

This is a guide to what church records are held at PRONI.

Repository: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland)

Link to Record: See pages 188 and 189 for Donaghmore, County Down.

Headstones and Graveyards Inscriptions

Donaghmore Parish Headstones Part 1-3 by M.J. Bradley, 2013.

Website: Ireland Genealogical Projects Archives

Link to Records:

Fourtowns Presbyterian Church Headstone Inscriptions

Headstone Inscriptions from the Fourtowns Presbyterian Church, 2017. Before I forget… Issue 14 2017,

Journal of the Poyntzpass and District Local History Society.

Link to Record: 9 Local History B

Local History Books

An Ancient Irish Parish, Past and Present being the parish of Donaghmore County Down.

J. Davison Cowan, LL.D. (T.C.D.) Rector of Donaghmore. London, 1914.

Includes chapters on Donaghmore parish, parish church (inc. image), vestry minutes and churchyard, Presbyterian Church (inc. image). Additional items of interest include: List of townlands and estate owners p. 192, a list of teachers (p. 350), headstones in Barr (St. Mary’s) church yard p. 351, Fourtowns churchyard p.365 and Donaghmore Churchyard on p. 370. The index is not complete. The book has information on many names not in the index, use the search tool (or CTRL + F) to search the book.

Repository: Internet Archives

Link to record:

Harshaw Diaries

Six volumes written by a Donaghmore farmer and elder In the Presbyterian Church, James Harshaw, Esq., (1797-1867). Ther Diaries cover the period between about 1830 and 1860.

Repository: PRONI PRONI Reference:

  • D4149 D4149/A Diaries
  • D4149/B Photograph
  • D4149/C Newspaper print-out
  • D4149/D Typescript diaries
  • MIC39

Link to Guide: Introduction to the Harshaw Papers.

Transcript of the Harshaw Diaries (772 pages).

Compiled by Marjorie Harshaw Robie, a descendant.

Repository: FamilySearch

Link to Record:

Note: It is unclear, if this is a transcript of all six volumes. 10 Additional Note: Page 772, Donaghmore Presbyterian Church had no burial ground, James Harshaw was buried in the Glascar Presbyterian Church graveyard. Others from Donaghmore Presbyterian may be buried here too.

Donaghmore Has A Wealth Of History And Tradition

Website: Newry Memories

Link to Record:

The Ancient and Present State of the County of Down, 1744

“The Ancient and Present State of the County of Down: containing a chorographical description, with the natural and civil history of the same. Illustrated by observations made on the baronies, parishes, towns, villages [… &c.] with a survey of the New Canal; as also, a new and correct map of the county” by Walter Harris 1744. Donaghmore is on page 85, scroll through pages before and after for towns in the Local area.

Website: Google Books

Link to record:


Townland Outline maps

Website: Ros Davies' Co. Down, Northern Ireland Family History Research Site

Link to records:

Direct link to Donaghmore Parish:

Griffith’s Land Valuation maps

Description: This is a link directly to the townland valuations maps

Website: Ask about Ireland 11 Link to records: name=DOWN&baronyname=&unionname=&parishname=

Note: for a detail description of how to use the maps see:

1778 Taylor & Skinner Antique Ireland Road Map

Website: The old map shop

Link to records:

Note: Each of the following four items, contain two maps each.

Maps that cover Donaghmore parish and surrounding area are: ▪

Note: The second of the two above maps, shows Four-mile house on the upper right side. This is about mid center of Donaghmore parish. Four-mile House sits on the border between the townlands of Aughintober in the North and Maddydrumbrist to the south. ▪

  • 1778 Taylor & Skinner Antique Ireland Road Map 7/8 Newry Jonesborough Warrenpoint Rathfriland Castlewellan Newcastle Dundrum Clough Co. Down. ▪
  • 1778 Taylor & Skinner Antique Ireland Road Map 285/286 Rostrevor, Rathfriland, Dromore, Moira, Lurgan, Newry Belleeks Castleblayney Ballybay. ▪
  • 1778 Taylor & Skinner Antique Ireland Road Map 15/16 Loughbrickland Banbridge Gilford Lurgan Magheralin Aghalee Ballinderry Glenavy Crumlin.

Newry and Surrounding Parishes, outline map, no date

Includes parishes of Donaghmore, Newry, Drumgath, Clonallan, & Kilbroney and the towns of Poyntz Pass, Rathfriland, Newry, Mayobridge, Hilltown, Warrenpoint, Rostrevor.

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine

Link to record: e1/maps/warrenspointareamap.jpg

Baronies of County Down, map

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine

Link to record: baroniescodown.jpg

1846 Lewis's atlas comprising the counties of Ireland and a general map of the kingdom

Lewis, Samuel and Creighton, R. 1846. County Down is on image 11.

Repository: FamilySearch

Link to Atlas:

A series of five similar maps by Crieghton can be found on the Almay site

Link to maps:

1577 Down Survey Map of Ireland, Donaghmore parish

Select Down and Upper Evagh, Down, leave parish blank as the program does not seem to recognize Donaghmore. You may have to zoom out to initially find Donaghmore (located at the far left, appearing almost as a peninsula, with the Lordship of Newry on three sides), once located you can zoom in on the townlands. Note the differences in the townland borders and names.

Website: Trinity College Dublin

Link to map:

Civil Registrations of Births, Marriages and Deaths Indexes

Newry Civil Registration District

Donaghmore Parish is within the Civil Registration District of Newry. The indexes can be searched for this Registration District alone. Although you do not need an account, the program asks for your first and last name and that you agree to the usage rules.


Link to the Newry Civil Registration District Indexes:

You can search by Birth, Marriage or Death, or filter by time period.

The indexes cover the following time periods:

  • Births: 1864 to 1922 ▪
  • Marriages: 1845* to 1947 
  • Deaths: 1871 to 1972 * 

Roman catholic Marriages begin in 1864.

Images of the original registrations are available for: ▪

  • Marriages up to 1947 
  • Births up to 1922 
  • Deaths up to 1972

Newspaper Indexes

A vast amount of time and energy has gone into compiling these indexes, perhaps if you find something of interest, a quick thank you to the compilers might be appreciated.

The Belfast Newsletter Index, 1737-1800

Website: The Belfast Newsletter Index, University of Louisiana website

Link to Index:

Description: Compiled by John G. Greene. There are about a half dozen entries when Donaghmore is entered for the placename. You could try the entering your townland name or your ancestors surname.

Donaghmore Belfast Newsletter Search

Another version of the above with a larger amount of records for Doanghmore, but not updated.

Website: Newry, Donaghmore, Loughbrickland & Banbridge Web Site (Defunct) but captured by the Wayback Machine

Link to Records: donaghmore1/donaghmore/donnewlttr.html

Eddies News Extracts

Website: Eddies News Extracts

Link to Index:

Description: Compiled by Eddie Connolly. Enter Donaghmore in the search box in the upper right corner and press Find. As of this date, 72 records were displayed for Donaghmore. Remember that there were several places within Ireland named Donaghmore. You might also try your townland name or surname as well. 15

Existing Newspapers

Newry was the closest major city that published a newspaper near Donaghmore parish. John Greham’s website gives a list of Newry newspapers and dates of publishing.

Source: John Grenham’s website

Estate Records

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