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They Came from Saintfield

Samuel Gibson and Mary Ann Russell were married in the 1st Presbyterian Church, Main St, Saintfield,  circa 14th December 1832 by Rev Henry Simpson.

Samuel was the son of Robert and Jane Gibson and was born circa 1810

Mary Ann was the daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth Russell and was born circa 1808.

They had two daughters, Jane born 1833 and Elizabeth born 1836.

Mary Ann was expecting their third child when they left for Australia.

The family left Belfast on 10 June 1838  arriving in New South Wales on 18th October 1838 on the barque "Mandarin"

The shipping record states that both Samuel and Mary Ann were "natives of Saintfield".

Parents listed as  Robert and Jane Gibson, Hugh and Elizabeth Russell.


Samuel and Mary Ann settled first in the Manning River area then the Richmond River area of New South Wales. They had eight children and were very successful in their new lives.

Their properties were called "Belfield", "Saintfield" and "Russelton"

The family here in Australia are very interested in the family in Ireland and would love to know more about Samuel and Mary Ann's families.

Is there anyone who can help please.



Elizabeth McGuire

Sunday 20th December 2015, 11:28PM

Message Board Replies

  • Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church so Saintfield 1st Pres was probably the Russell family’s church. Unfortunately, according to the PRONI website, that church does not have any baptisms earlier than 1854 and marriages earlier than 1845, so you may struggle to find much about that family from church sources.

    Saintfield 2nd has records from 1831 and Boardmill Presbyterian from 1846.

    Do you have a townland (address) for any of the events, apart from Santfield?

    What were the respective occupations of the fathers Robert Gibson and Hugh Russell?

    I had a look in Pigots Directory for Saintfield in 1824 to see if either family is listed, but neither is. (Only tradesmen were listed so it doesn’t mean they weren’t there just that they were farmers or weavers and so would not be listed).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 21st December 2015, 11:22AM