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I am having great difficulty in finding out about my great grandfather Thomas Cochrane (born abt 1841-43), son of William Cochrane and Mary Orr.

Thomas says that he was born in Killieleagh, Lough Neagh, County Antrim. Now Killyleagh is on the Strangford Loch.

William Cochrane  (occupation - Seaman/Sailor) and Mary Orr were married in the Church of Ireland, Saul (1832) and that is were all their children with the exception of Thomas were baptised and their address was given as Walshestown, Saul.  I have all the church baptism records for all the children except for Thomas and I have been unable to find a baptism record for Thomas.

Thomas also told his family here in New Zealand that his grandfather was hung by the british authorities - this is something else that I can't prove. We have always assumed that it was his mother Mary Orr's father that was hung, but the only Orr that I can find is William Orr hung at Carrickfergus in 1797 and that is too early to be his grandfather and also William Orr didn't have a daughter named Mary.

Thomas's father William had Thomas put on a friends boat as a cabin boy (we think) and when the boat reached Auckland, New Zealand young Thomas jumped ship as he had been very badly treated.

If there is anyone  that can help me I would really appreciate it.

Daphne Friis (nee Cochrane)



Thursday 31st May 2012, 03:42AM

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  • Hi Daphne,

    There are a number of records you could check for Co. Down:

    1796: Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement Lists This was part of a government scheme to encourage the linen trade, free spinning wheels or looms were granted to individuals planting a certain area of land with flax.The lists of those entitled to the awards, covering almost 60,000 individuals, were published in 1796, and record only the names of the individuals and the civil parish in which they lived. The majority, were in Ulster, but some names appear from every county except Dublin and Wicklow. A microfiche index to the lists is available in the National Archives, and in PRONI (Public Records of Northern Ireland). There are 2,975 names for Co. Down. You could check for more information.

    1798 Persons who suffered losses in the 1798 rebellion. Propertied classes only. c. 180 names. National Library of Ireland (NLI) I 94107.

    1799-1800 Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls. PRONI T.1115/4A C

    1803 Agricultural survey recording householderrs, occupations and agricultural possessions. Covers parts at least of thirty parishes. More than 11,000 names. PRONI D/654/A2/1-37A-C

    1813-21 Freeholders. PRONI T.761/19, Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) Film 258701.

    You could also try checking the land records called the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) or the later Griffith's Valuation (1848-64). Griffith's is freely available here: or here: Failte Romhat has lots of other useful links you could try looking at.Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38). Microfilm copies of the books for all of Ireland are available at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

    1824 Freeholders. PRONI T.761/20.

    Regarding checking for information about the hanging, I would think that you could possibly find something about this in perhaps local court reports ot newspaper reports, but you would need to know the specific details about it (date, place, etc.).

    Do you know when Thomas left Ireland?

    Do you know much about their emigration? Dates, the reason why they left, etc.? Generally, more information was given at the port of arrival rather than the port of departure. If you knew which city they arrived at, this could be a good place to find more information, and perhaps even find out an exact place of origin. There are lots of books and documents available about the Irish emigration to NZ. There is a website you could look at: for information about the Irish in New Zealand.

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)





    Wednesday 13th Jun 2012, 03:28PM
  • My family is Orr from Walshestown / Russells Quarter North in Saul, Co Down.

    I also have knowledge of a Cochrane / Mary Orr marriage at Killyleagh, but it is later than your date.

    My Orr marriage records also tie to th same Saul Church but about 30 years later.  And I would think there is a strong possibility they are related to Mary.

    What I don't see is how they could connect to William Orr of Farranshane of 1797, because they appear to be in Saul already by that time.


    Sunday 21st Oct 2012, 08:20PM
  • Below is my Cochrane family details in the hope that you may be able to tie some of them in with your records.

    I look forward to your comments.


    Daphne F (nee Cochrane)



    Descendants of William Cochrane and Mary Orr



    Born Ireland. (This is open to debate as I have not been able to prove this yet.) Could be  Scotland.

    Occupation: Ships master in British Maritime Navy. He may have only been a seaman sailor or boatman – as per baptism records.

    married MARY ORR 3 Feb 1832 in Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source: Ulster Historical Foundation.), daughter of ORR.


    On this church record William's fathers name is only given as Cochrane - so it will be much harder to be able to trace William's forefathers) Witnesses were Thomas Orr and Robert Cotter.  Is this Thomas Orr Mary’s father or brother??


    Children of WILLIAM COCHRANE and MARY ORR are:


    Born 1832, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 25 Nov 1832, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland.

    Occupation: Seaman

    married JANE INGRAM, 20 Dec 1860, Killyleagh 1st Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh

    daughter of James Ingram a Shoemaker. Witnesses were John Hamilton and Robert Hamilton.



    Born 1834, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 11 May 1834, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland



    Born 1836, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 28 Jan 1836, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland



    Born 1838, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 18 Jun 1838, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland.



    Born 1840, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland

    Baptism: 10 May 1840, Church of Ireland, Walshestown, district of Saul, County Down, Ireland.

    (Source: Ulster Historical Foundation.)

    Occupation: Royal British Navy and USA Navy/Dredge Master with Auckland Harbour Board

    Died. 21 Mar 1920, 5 Newton Street, Auckland, New Zealand (Source: NZSG Burial Locator.)

    Burial: 23 Mar 1920, Waikaraka Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand.


    m. ELLEN RICHMOND, 17 Jun 1878, Church of Ireland, Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland.

    (Source: UlsterHistorical Foundation).

    Ellen was born Abt. 1859, Ayrshire, Scotland

    Died 14 Apr 1942, Hamilton, New Zealand (Source: NZ Historical Records).

    Burial: 1942, Hamilton East Cemetery, New Zealand


    vi.   THOMAS COCHRANE  (This is my great grandfather – my direct line)

    Born Abt. 1842, Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland (Pure guessing)

    Occupation: Farmer

    Died 03 Mar 1923, Pollok,  Waiuku, New Zealand

    Burial: 05 Mar 1923, Family plot in the Pollok cemetery

    Married (1) JANET HENDERSON, 26 Jul 1867, Pollok, New Zealand

    Born: 27 Nov 1825, Dalmeny, West Lothian, Scotland

    Died: 22 Apr 1877, Pollok

    Burial: Family plot in the Pollok cemetery

    Married (2) ELIZABETH HAYTER, 06 Dec 1877, Registrar's Office, Auckland

    Born: 1861, Hindon, Wiltshire, England

    Baptism: 06 Jan 1861, St John Baptist, Hindon, Wiltshire, Englan

    Died: 29 Apr 1900, Pollok, Waiuku, New Zealand

    Burial: 2 May 1900, Family plot in the Pollok cemetery

    Married (3) ELIZA HUDSON, 17 Jul 1901, the House of Robert Hudson, Aka Aka

    Died 29 Nov 1947, Pollok, Waiuku, New Zealand.

    Burial: Family plot in the Pollok cemetery


    vii.   ANNE COCHRANE

    Born 1844, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 28 Mar 1844, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland


    viii.   MARY COCHRANE

    Born 1844, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 28 Mar 1844, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland



    Born 1845, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 14 Oct 1845, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland

    Occcupation: Seaman

    Married ELIZABETH MARTIN, 29 July 1870 Killyleagh 1st Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, daughter of Robert Martin a labourer. Witnesses were James Ashe and Agnes Martion. (Source:

    Child of James Cochran and Elizabeth Martin is:

    i. JOHN COCHRAN, born 28 Aug 1871, County Down, Ireland (Source:



    Born 5 Mar 1848, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (

    Baptism: 26 Mar 1848, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland

    Married CHRISTIAN F RINKERT, 23 Sept 1870, Church of Ireland, Killyleagh (Source:



    Born 8 Jan 1850, Walshestown, Saul, County Down, Ireland (Source:

    Baptism: 23 Jan 1850, Church of Ireland, Saul, County Down, Ireland








    Monday 22nd Oct 2012, 12:16AM
  • Hi Sinead,


    I have already checked out all your suggestions with no success.  I have made contact with another Cochrane researcher who is looking for Cochranes in the same  Killyleagh, Inch, Saul, Walshetown areas so hopfully between us we will find something that will be helpful.

    As I will be in Ireland later next year I am hoping that I can make contact with a living relative otherwise I will have to research whilst in Ireland.


    Thanks again


    Daphne F (nee Cochrane)


    Monday 22nd Oct 2012, 12:24AM
  • My Gt Gt grandfather is Thomas Orr from Russells Quarter North / Welshestown

    He married at Saul CoI in 1862.  In his will 1877 he mentions his brother Mathew Orr of Walshestown. Also a John Coulter.

    Could your Robert Cotter be Coulter?


    When I traced Mathew he died in 1901 mentions his sister Mrs Mary Cochrane of Killyleagh.

    There are interesting notes you should see in the Freeholders records in 1815 and 1824 which I have some theories on.

    I have a spreadsheet of data that I'd like to send you of the early 1800 Orrs in this area. Is there a way to send these to you via email


    Brenda Orr-Berwick



    Monday 22nd Oct 2012, 09:34PM

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